Views for 2013-01-27

Sunday, January 27, 2013
Sue Sturgis
In North Carolina, Nation: School Resegregation by Charter?
North Carolina could soon see a dramatic increase in the number of charter schools, with as many as 150 of the public-private hybrids opening across the state next year. But new research from Duke...
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Maude Barlow
Common Causes: Progressive Forces Acting Together to Build a Better Society
Common Causes is an assembly of social movements dedicated to defending democracy, social justice, the environment and human rights in the face of an all-out assault by the Harper government.
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Paul Krugman
From Welfare Queens to Disabled Deadbeats
If you want to understand the trouble Republicans are in, one good place to start is with the obsession the right has lately developed with the rising disability rolls. The growing number of...
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Glenn Greenwald
Kiriakou and Stuxnet: The Danger of the Still-Escalating Obama Whistleblower War
The permanent US national security state has used extreme secrecy to shield its actions from democratic accountability ever since its creation after World War II. But those secrecy powers were...
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Brendan Fischer
ALEC Has Opposed "Popular Vote" Efforts Which Would Protect Against Partisan Rigging of Electoral College
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has actively lobbied against state plans to implement a national popular vote for president, urging state legislators to preserve the Electoral...
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Juan Cole
Dead Children and Arrested Babies: Palestinian Life under Israeli Colonialism
The Palestinian West Bank has been illegally de facto annexed by Israel. This territory was not awarded to Israel even in the UN General Assembly partition plan of 1947, and indeed Israel’s...
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Michelle Chen
Pension Panic Fueled by Anti-Worker Politics?
It’s a common refrain in local papers: State faces pension funding crisis! Retiree benefits out of control!
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