Views for 2013-01-20

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Glenn Greenwald
Brookings' Bruce Riedel Urges Intensified US Support for Saudi Despots
When it comes to the US "foreign policy community", few if any people are more representative of it than Bruce Riedel.
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Christopher Brauchli
The Criminal and the Gun
Such as do build their faith upon the holy text of pike and gun. — Samuel Butler, Hudibras
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Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
Move to Amend: Citizens United is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
It’s been three years since the Supreme Court issued its outrageous decision in Citizens United vs. FEC, overturning the flimsy campaign finance protections afforded under McCain-Feingold law. The...
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Max Obuszewski
I Am Getting Ready for I-Day
“There is no peace because the making of peace is at least as costly as the making of war - at least as exigent, at least as disruptive, at least as liable to bring disgrace and prison and death in...
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Ben Achtenberg
We Already Have a Way to Cut Gun Deaths…
In a recent column responding to the shootings in Newtown Connecticut, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof asked , “Why can’t we regulate guns as seriously as we do cars?” Kristof didn’t follow...
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Winslow Myers
All War is Civil War
Everyone has a stake in issues like the prevention of nuclear war, and indeed of conventional war, like the potential war between Israel and Iran or the U.S. and Iran. These potential wars would only...
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Michelle Chen
Aid Groups Fight Anti-Prostitution ‘Oath’ on Free Speech Grounds
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Ray McGovern
The Moral Torment of Leon Panetta
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, a practicing Catholic, sought a blessing on Wednesday from Pope Benedict XVI. Afterward Panetta reported that the Pope said, “Thank you for helping to keep the world...
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Scott Parkin
Making Green A Threat Again
“The climate movement needs to have one hell of a comeback.” –Naomi Klein The energy was there. It was an overcast spring morning in April 2011 in the nation’s capital. Thousands had shown up to take...
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