Views for 2013-01-15

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Linda McQuaig
Canada’s Energy Juggernaut Hits a Native Roadblock
Those who believe we can freely trash the environment in our quest to make ourselves richer suffer from a serious delusion — a delusion that doesn’t appear to afflict aboriginal people.
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Charlotte Silver
Monsanto vs. The People
Last week Monsanto announced staggering profits from 2012 to celebratory shareholders while American farmers filed into Washington, DC to challenge the Biotech giant’s right to sue farmers whose...
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Robert Parry
America’s War for Reality
The real struggle confronting the United States is not between the Right and the Left in any traditional sense, but between those who believe in reality and those who are entranced by unreality. It...
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Adam Horowitz
Hagel Prostrates Himself Before the Lobby, Gets Votes
The drama around Chuck Hagel's nomination for Secretary of Defense seems to be heading into its predictable third act.
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Yves Smith
Surprise! When Banks Oversee Their Own Review 'No Harm Found'
No wonder the Fed and the OCC snubbed a request by Darryl Issa and Elijah Cummings to review the foreclosure fraud settlement before it was finalized early last week.
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Jon Wiener
Ike's Dream, Obama's Reality: 8 Things I Miss About the Cold War
At a book festival in Los Angeles recently, some writers (myself included) were making the usual arguments about the problems with American politics in the 1950s -- until one panelist shocked the...
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Graham Nash
Punishment Before Trial: More Than 1,000 Days and Counting for Bradley Manning
I read the news about Colonel Denise Lind's ruling in the case against Bradley Manning with great interest. She ruled that Manning, the U.S.
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Deepa Kumar
Beyond Torture: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and the Promotion of Extrajudicial Killing
The film Zero Dark Thirty has sparked debate on its justification of torture, its misuse of facts, and its pro-CIA agenda. The main focus of the debate so far has been on whether torture was...
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Kate Sheppard
The Heat is on as the NYT Closes Its Environment Desk
Late last week, the New York Times made news – when it broke that the paper has shuttered its environment desk.
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Owen Jones
War in Libya Was Called "Success," But Now Here We Are Engaging with the Blowback in Mali
No scrutiny, no build-up, no parliamentary vote, not even a softening-up exercise. Britain is now involved in yet another military conflict in a Muslim land , or so we have been informed.
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Zaid Hydari
Afghanistan's Forgotten Refugees
In 2008, Seyed Hasan, a father of 6, fled his home in the Wardak province of eastern Afghanistan. Hasan and his family were targeted by the Taliban for resisting their demands. It had been seven...
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John Atcheson
Pain in Spain: Austerity Falls Mostly on the Middle Class, And Yet…
Scratch the surface of any austerity policy, and chances are you’ll see a bank protection program masquerading as good economic policy.
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