Views for 2013-01-14

Monday, January 14, 2013
Glenn Greenwald
The Bombing of Mali Highlights All the Lessons of Western Intervention
As French war planes bomb Mali , there is one simple statistic that provides the key context: this west African nation of 15 million people is the eighth country in which western powers - over the...
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Jonathan Cook
How 20 Tents Rocked Israel
When the Palestinian leadership won their upgrade to non-member observer status at the United Nations in November, plenty of sceptics on both sides of the divide questioned what practical benefits...
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The One Economic Problem Nobody Seems to Give a Damn About
It remains one of the strangest and saddest aspects of our current economic debates that nobody seems to care all that much about our still painfully high unemployment. And it’s probably a lot higher...
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Melanie Jae Martin, Jesse Fruhwirth
Welcome to Blockadia!
We are members of Peaceful Uprising and Utah Tar Sands Resistance , groups that are working to stop tar sands mining from beginning in Utah.
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Paul Buchheit
The Five-Step Process to Cheat the Middle Class Worker
It's so artfully done, and so diabolical, that one can picture secret seminars in subterranean Wall Street meeting rooms, guiding young business recruits in the proven process of taking an extra...
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Rajesh Makwana, Adam Parsons
How to Mobilise $2.8tr to Finance the Global Sharing Economy
Today, governments around the world are implementing programs of austerity that are reversing the social protections that people have fought for over many generations. By dramatically cutting public...
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Chris Hedges
The Myth of Human Progress
Clive Hamilton in his “Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth About Climate Change” describes a dark relief that comes from accepting that “catastrophic climate change is virtually certain.”...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Pentagon as a Global NRA
Given these last weeks, who doesn’t know what an AR-15 is? Who hasn’t seen the mind-boggling stats on the way assault rifles have flooded this country, or tabulations of accumulating Newtown-style...
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