Views for 2013-01-07

Monday, January 7, 2013
Paul Rosenberg
Obama and the Transformation Illusion
Everyone has an ideology, whether they know it or not. But when your ideology has you - that's when you're an ideologue. It's not a matter of "extremism" but of rigidity and blindness - detachment...
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Joseph Stiglitz
Climate Change and Poverty: The Post-Crisis Crises
In the shadow of the euro crisis and America's fiscal cliff , it is easy to ignore the global economy 's long-term problems.
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Kathy Kelly
War and Cold Push Desperation Up in Afghanistan
KABUL – Yesterday, four young Afghan Peace Volunteer members, Zainab, Umalbanin, Abdulhai, and Ali, guided Martha and me along narrow, primitive roads and crumbling stairs, ascending a mountain slope...
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Glenn Greenwald
John Brennan's Extremism and Dishonesty Rewarded with CIA Director Nomination
Prior to President Obama's first inauguration in 2009, a controversy erupted over reports that he intended to appoint John Brennan as CIA director.
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Shea Howell
Constructing a New Democracy in Tyrannical Michigan and Beyond
The anti-democratic efforts by the right wing republican legislature in Lansing are putting Michigan in the national spotlight.
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Harvey Wasserman
Showdown at San Onofre and a Resurgent 'No Nukes' Movement
Two stricken California reactors may soon redefine a global movement aimed at eradicating nuclear power. They sit in a seismic zone vulnerable to tsunamis. Faulty steam generators have forced them...
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David Morris
Who Should Pay for the Costs of Climate Change?
Who should pay the costs of climate disasters? In light of the current debate in the United States about federal assistance to Hurricane Sandy victims and the recent debate at the recent Doha Climate...
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Roger Hickey
GOP Threat: Cut Social Security and Medicare or We’ll Kill the Economy
Here we go again.
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Robert Reich
The Hoax of 'Entitlement' Reform
It has become accepted economic wisdom, uttered with deadpan certainty by policy pundits and budget scolds on both sides of the aisle, that the only way to get control over America’s looming deficits...
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Winona LaDuke
Idle No More: Native Peoples Challenge Canada’s Gutting of Environmental Laws
As Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence enters her fourth week on a hunger strike outside the Canadian capital building, thousands of protesters in Los Angeles, London, Minneapolis and New York City,...
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Marcy Wheeler
The Seduction of John Brennan’s “Moral Rectitude”
As has been floating over the last few days, Obama will reportedly appoint John Brennan CIA Director later today.
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Chris Hedges
State of Fear
Shannon McLeish of Florida is a 45-year-old married mother of two young children. She is a homeowner, a taxpayer and a safe driver. She votes in every election. She attends a Unitarian Universalist...
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Paul Buchheit
Tax Avoidance On the Rise: It's Twice the Amount of Social Security and Medicare
Three trillion dollars a year. That's how much the wealthiest Americans avoid through the system of subsidies and schemes and sweet deals that deprive middle-class workers of their earned benefits...
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