Views for 2013-01-04

Friday, January 4, 2013
Erika Eichelberger
Blocking VAWA, GOP Keeps Up the War on Women
Interstate 5 runs down the middle of California’s San Joaquin Valley for hundreds of miles. On either side are dusty rows of almond, peach and orange trees. In the summer, the ground is tan and dry...
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Ellen Brown
Political Football Over Disaster Relief: Another Argument for Public Banking
In a shameless display of putting politics before human needs, Congress began 2013 still scrapping over a $60 billion Hurricane Sandy relief bill fully nine weeks after the disaster hit.
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Hina Shamsi, Vince Warren
Obama Administration Needs to Explain Drone Strikes
The Obama administration, having killed a 16-year-old American boy, refuses to explain why in court. The boy, Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, was born in Denver and lived there until he was 7, when his family...
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Amy Fettig
Celebrating Closure of an Inhuman and Ridiculously Expensive Super Max Prison
Here’s to starting the New Year right. The notorious Tamms Correctional Center in Illinois , with its practice of housing human beings alone in cells for 22-24 hours per day with little or no human...
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Robert Reich
Why Jobs Must Be Our Goal Now, Not Deficit Reduction
The news today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is that the U.S. job market is treading water. The number of new jobs created in December (155,000), and percent unemployment (7.8), were the same...
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Thomas S. Harrington
How Liberals Shirk Responsibility for Atrocious Policies
When a person votes for George W. Bush or another Republican, it is generally presumed that he or she is expressing support for the candidate’s policy prescriptions. This is why those who do not...
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Anthony Cody
The Education Reform Dichotomy: Big Choices Ahead
In recent weeks, some commenters on my blog have suggested that there is a "false dichotomy" at work in the debate over education reform. We are told we should "tone down" our views in order that we...
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Glenn Greenwald
The 'War on Terror' - by Design - Can Never End
Last month, outgoing pentagon general counsel Jeh Johnson gave a speech at the Oxford Union and said that the War on Terror must, at some point, come to an end:
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Dave Lindorff
America’s Political Dysfunction Rooted in War Addiction
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Amitabh Pal
Al Jazeera Purchase of Current TV an Attempt to Overcome Bias
It’s early in the new year, but the media landscape has already shifted with the news that Al Jazeera is purchasing Al Gore’s Current TV. “Al Jazeera did not disclose the purchase price, but people...
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Phil Rockstroh
Late Stage Capitalism And The Shame Haunted Life: You Can't Kill Trauma With A Gun
"Memory believes before knowing remembers." -- William Faulkner
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Stephen Zunes
The Case Against John Kerry
President Obama’s selection of John Kerry as the next secretary of state sends the wrong signal to America’s allies and adversaries alike. Kerry’s record in the United States Senate, where he...
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Marion Brady
Why Schools Used To Be Better
You enter a checkout lane at Walmart, Target, or other big-box store and put your purchases on the counter. They’re scanned by a device that reads bar codes and translates them into data fed at the...
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Paul Krugman
Battles of the Budget and a War Between the Classes
The centrist fantasy of a Grand Bargain on the budget never had a chance. Even if some kind of bargain had supposedly been reached, key players would soon have reneged on the deal — probably the next...
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David Sirota
The Truth Behind the Fiscal Cliff’s Reality TV Show
During the halcyon 1990s, we labeled annual congressional temper tantrums for what they were: standard, if boring, budget impasses.
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