Views for 2012-12-27

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Dean Baker
Washington Post Pushes Mayan End of the World Story on "Fiscal Cliff"
Yes, the Washington Post is getting very worried that it will have egg all over its face if January 1 comes with no budget deal and we don't get its promised recession.
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Antonia Montes
Obama Should Grant Amnesty to Immigrants
Before the end of the year, presidents often consider grants of pardon and amnesty. This year, Pres. Obama should grant amnesty to the 11 million undocumented immigrants in America, excluding those...
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Wenonah Hauter
How Big Business Poisons Academic Research
In 1862, the federal government created the land-grant university system to produce critical agricultural research. Since then, America has relied on these schools to inform and guide independent...
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David Macaray
Are We Approaching the Twilight of the Labor Movement?
By now, most people realize that private sector union membership in the U.S. stands at about 7-percent, which means that 93-percent of all private sector jobs are non-union. Which makes those...
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Fran Korten
Four Steps to Less Wasteful Communities
I’ve long had suspicions that the recycling I put out in my driveway doesn’t really get recycled. My doubts went up when my town went to “single stream” recycling. Now we toss paper, plastic, cans,...
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Trevor Timm
Why We Should All Care About Today's Senate Vote on the FISA Amendments Act, the Warrantless Domestic Spying Bill
Today is an incredibly important vote for the future of your digital privacy, but some in Congress are hoping you won’t find out.
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Am Johal
Justice at Stake: Chief Theresa Spence Inspires a Nation
Launched in the shadows of Parliament Hill two weeks ago, the hunger strike by Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence goes on. There is little to be heard from the federal government or Prime...
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Robert Reich
The Only Way Left to Beat GOP Fanatics: Call Their Bluff and Go Over the Fabricated "Cliff"
President Obama is cutting his Christmas holiday short, returning to Washington for a last attempt at avoiding the fiscal cliff. But he’s running headlong into the Republican strategy of fanaticism.
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Ronnie Cummins
New Year’s Revolution: Connecting the Dots, Coming Together and Fighting Like Hell
As a longtime writer and activist campaigning for decades on food and farming issues, most recently Prop 37, the California Ballot Initiative to label genetically engineered foods, I am reminded...
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Amy Goodman
Pull the Global Trigger on Gun Control
While the final funerals for the victims of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre have been held, gun violence continues apace, most notably with the Christmas Eve murder of two volunteer firefighters...
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