Views for 2012-12-13

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Peter Lehner
Costly Oil Subsidies Drag Us Down; Clean Energy Investments Will Build a Healthier Economy
In the prolonged showdown over the "fiscal cliff," Democrats and Republicans claim to agree on two goals – reducing the deficit, and doing so in a way that builds a stronger economy in the long run...
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John Nichols
Michigan Adopts the ALEC Model for Diminishing Democracy
Michigan legislators did not write the so-called “right to work” legislation that they have enacted in a mad rush of anti-democratic excess . They simply did as they were told.
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Jeremiah Goulka
Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the GOP Titanic
Mitt Romney had hardly conceded before Republicans started fighting over where to head next. Some Republicans -- and many Democrats -- now claim that the writing is on the wall: demography is destiny...
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David Macaray
We Lost Michigan
When you examine the history of organized labor—the birth, growth, trajectory—you have to be shocked and mortified by what just happened to the great state of Michigan. They went from being one of...
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Paul Rogers
Syria, Endgame, and Blowback
The pace of the conflict in Syria is accelerating.
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Robin Hood Not News? Why Transaction Tax Absent from Obsessive "Cliff" Coverage
If the rhetoric about the so-called "fiscal cliff" is to believed, the United States is faced with monumental budget problems--short-term deficits and a long-term debt crisis.
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Julianne Hing
The School-to-Prison Pipeline Gets Its First-Ever Airing in the Senate
Despite all the outrage the school-to-prison pipeline stirs, it rarely gets the attention it demands in national policy discussions. But after years of aggressive agitating and advocacy, the topic is...
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Michael Winship
Who Really Won the Election? Campaign Consultants
Candidates come and candidates go but campaign consultants live on, no matter the outcome of the election, continuing to cash in even as they look for their next victims.
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Margaret Kimberley
Susan Rice and American Evil
Why does it matter if Susan Rice serves as secretary of state ? That is a trick question, because in fact, it doesn’t matter at all. American foreign policy will be unchanged regardless of who the...
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Robin Marty
Health Groups Urge Synder to Veto Omnibus Anti-Choice "Super Bill"
Michigan's onmibus anti-abortion "super bill" was nearly guaranteed to pass the state senate the moment it was announced it would be up for a vote.
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Ken Butigan
Framing Matters: Lessons from the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign
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Kate Aronoff, Martin Bourqui
Our Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign's Math Is Sound
Christian Parenti checks the math of the growing fossil fuel divestment movement on college campuses in his piece, "Problems with the Math: Is 350's Carbon Divestment Campaign Complete?," published...
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Amy Goodman
The Trials of Bradley Manning
Pfc. Bradley Manning was finally allowed to speak publicly, in his own defense, in a preliminary hearing of his court-martial. Manning is the alleged source of the largest intelligence leak in U.S...
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George Lakoff
Michigan’s New 'Corporate Servitude Law' Takes Away Worker Rights
Michigan has just passed a corporate servitude law. It is designed to take away many of the worker rights that unions have conferred throughout their history: The right to a living wage. The right to...
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