Views for 2012-12-09

Sunday, December 9, 2012
Jesselyn Radack
What the New York Times Missed in Its 1st Article on Manning's Torture Hearing
[Saturday], the New York Times has its first independently-reported article on Pfc. Bradley Manning's almost cinematic torture hearing.
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Susan Clark, Woden Teachout
Community Response to Disaster
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one thing is striking: the extent to which many of the best and first responders have been local.
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Matt Taibbi
Jim DeMint: The Fireman Ed of Politics
The fiscal cliff story is a hard one to care about – it feels like a continuation of the presidential election season, in which red and blue pundits screamed at each other and traded insults while...
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Dave Zirin
'It's Not Just Anti-Union. It's Anti-Worker.' NFLPA and MLBPA Join Fight Against Michigan Right-to-Work
Michigan, the cradle of the union movement in the United States, is poised to join the ranks of so-called "right-to-work" states. The Koch Brothers' meat puppet Governor Rick Snyder says that this...
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Matthew Rothschild
Why the Supreme Court Will Affirm Same-Sex Marriage
Here are five reasons why: 1. It never would have agreed to hear both the California case against Prop 8 and the New York case against the Defense of Marriage Act unless it was prepared to knock the...
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Willie Osterweil
Austerity vs. Public Transportation
Barcelona’s Bicing bike sharing program is one of the world’s most successful and famous programs. Started in 2007, it uses a membership system that allows anyone with Barcelona residency, for a...
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Johnny Barber
There’s No Country That Would Tolerate Missiles
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Michelle Chen
At ‘Urban Uprising’ Conference, Activists Reimagine the City Post-Sandy
Disaster has a way of concentrating the mind. And Gotham has always had its share of it: whether it’s a slow-burning disaster like the epidemic of income inequality, the endemic scourge of police...
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