Views for 2012-12-08

Saturday, December 8, 2012
David Wallinga
Thousands Call on FDA to Stop Turning a Blind Eye to Antibiotics Squandered in Animal Feed
A week ago with most of us still digesting election results—and our turkey—a critical deadline passed in the struggle to convince the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to pull back the cloak of...
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Gar Alperovitz
Revealed: Wall Street Journal More Interested in Caviar and Foie Gras Than Employee-owned Firms
Social pain, anger at ecological degradation and the inability of traditional politics to address deep economic failings has fueled an extraordinary amount of practical on-the-ground institutional...
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César Chelala
The High Price of Excessive and Stressful Work
When Luo Yang, who was in charge of research and development on the J-15 carrier-based fighter jet, died of a heart attack on November 25, he was under extreme stressful work conditions. He died on...
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Sarah van Gelder
4 Ways to Leap the “Fiscal Cliff” to a Better U.S.A.
Feeling panicked about the so-called “fiscal cliff?” Don’t be. At worst, if would be more of a “ramp” than a cliff, since effects would be spread out over time.
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Mary Bottari
Fracking for Foreigners? New Report from Feds Backs More Natural Gas Exports
How times have changed. Ten years ago the United States was looking at importing natural gas via massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, yet to be built. Now the country appears to be getting...
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Polly Cleveland
Capturing the Multinational Dragons’ Gold
As medieval dragons do, the dragon in the Beowulf epic sleeps on a pile of gold. With magic sword and shield, Beowulf kills the dragon and, mortally wounded, distributes the gold to his grateful...
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Peter Hart
This Time, Trust Anonymous WMD Claims–They've Got 'Specific Intelligence'
The message could hardly be clearer: According to U.S. intelligence, Syrian government could very well be preparing to use chemical weapons to put down the long and bloody rebellion against ruler...
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Donna Smith
Declare Your Human Rights. Demand the Robin Hood Tax
Monday, December 10, is International Human Rights Day, and we here in the United States have plenty to worry about. Though we join other nations in marking the 64 th anniversary of the signing of...
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