Views for 2012-12-02

Sunday, December 2, 2012
Harvey Wasserman
Our Rust Bucket Reactors are at the Nuclear Cliff
In the wake of this fall's election, the disintegration of America's rust bucket reactor fleet is fast approaching critical mass. Unless our No Nukes movement can get the worst of them shut soon,...
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Lucinda Marshall
Finding Strength In The Extraordinary Ordinary
For more than ten years now, I have devoted the overwhelming majority of my work as a writer and activist to shining a light on the many heinous guises of misogyny, especially on the impact violence...
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Janet Redman
For United States and China, Mutually Assured Inaction at UN Climate Summit
The 2012 UN climate negotiations are not expected to be a breakthrough moment in solving the unfolding ecological crisis, but these talks will set the course for a future deal that countries have...
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Laura Gottesdiener
A New Face of the New Labor Movement
For Mahoma Lopez, a long-time restaurant worker in New York City, it came down to a decision between fight and flight. Last fall, his boss at the cafe on the Upper East Side where Lopez had worked...
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Caroline Arnold
Balancing Our Ties to the Past with Responsibility to the Future
The Kent community has been divided as downtown commercial redevelopment orphaned an 1858 Greek Revival house, the Wells-Sherman House. Plans were made to move it to a vacant lot on N. Water St. with...
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John M. Repp
The Wealthy Like Redistribution – Their Way
Republicans and corporate media are always talking about taxing the rich as “redistribution of wealth” as if the capitalist economy is not itself a great redistribution engine. In its normal workings...
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Randall Amster
Manning Up: The Just Actions of a ‘Fan of Sunshine’
Whatever one’s views about his alleged actions, you would need a pretty hard shell not to be moved by the case of Bradley Manning. Hero to some, traitor to others, this diminutive soldier has endured...
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Greg Kaufmann
This Week in Poverty: A Wake-Up Call on Housing and Homelessness
“They tweet and they titter. They chat and they chitter. But the bear snores on.”       —from Bear Snores On
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Ali Abunimah
Badwill Ambassador: Honorary Chair of Israeli Fund for UNICEF Wants Palestinian Children to “Suffer”
Palestinian rights campaigners are demanding the removal of Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes from the position of honorary chairwoman of the Israeli Fund for UNICEF, the United Nations’ Children’s Fund, over...
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Dave Lindorff
US Ending the War in Afghanistan? It Depends on the Meaning of the Word ‘War’
It is amazing to watch politicians trying to weasel their way around their promises. President Obama is providing us with a good illustration of the art.
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Raffi Cavoukian, Sandy Garossino
Cyber Safety by Design: Red Hood Project Demands Action
In October 2012, British Columbia teen Amanda Todd ended her life after suffering intolerable bullying triggered by a sexual predator who found and blackmailed her through Facebook. Millions were...
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