Views for 2012-11-29

Thursday, November 29, 2012
César Chelala
At Least at the UN, Palestine Returns Home
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Ezra Klein
It’s Not a Fiscal Cliff, It’s an Austerity Crisis
Washington is not known for the stunning clarity with which it frames and addresses tough issues. But has there ever been a debate so mired in confusion as the one around the so-called fiscal cliff?
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John Cavanagh, Robin Broad
It's The New Economy, Stupid
Most progressives have long embraced a clear alternative to the conservative story that prosperity flows best from a “free market” unfettered by government regulation and taxes. The standard...
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Amanda Marcotte
This Goes Out to All the Ladies
This past election, President Obama made blatant appeals to female voters to great success. Fifty-five percent of women and a jaw-dropping 68 percent of single women voted for the president this...
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William Astore
Sucking Up to the Military Brass
Few things have characterized the post-9/11 American world more than our worshipful embrace of our generals. They’ve become our heroes, our sports stars, and our celebrities all rolled into one. We...
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Kumi Naidoo
Any Signs of Life at Doha Climate Talks?
2012 is the year the climate changed. I’m not talking about extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy, the Arctic sea ice melt or flooding in Venice.
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Robert Kuttner
Obama's Fiscal Politics: Snatching Defeat out of the Jaws of Victory
President Obama, to his great credit, has drawn a bright line.
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Glenn Greenwald
Times Bureau Chief in Jerusalem Will Now Have Her Facebook Entries Edited
While in Gaza reporting on the recent Israeli attack there, Judi Rudoren, the Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, wrote several Facebook entries that caused substantial controversy.
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Amy Goodman
Burning All the Carbon Will Burn Us All
The annual United Nations climate summit has convened, this year in Doha, the capital of the oil-rich emirate of Qatar, on the Arabian Peninsula.
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Hanan Ashrawi
Supporting Palestine at the UN Today Is a Vote for Peace in the Middle East
It might seem stating the obvious that Palestinians and Israelis find solutions only through negotiation, until you look at the record. It is a story in which one side makes proposals for nothing in...
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Michelle Chen
Bangladesh Factory Fire: Workers Burn, Walmart Ducks Responsibility
Perhaps the images no longer have the power to shock. Charred bodies and wailing families appear in the news with grim frequency, giving the numbing impression that industrial fires are simply a...
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