Views for 2012-11-28

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Cindy Cohn, Rainey Reitman
ECPA and the Mire of DC Politics: We Shouldn’t Have to Trade Video Privacy to Get Common-Sense Protections of our Email
On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee is marking up a bill that would amend the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) in ways we think are unnecessary and potentially bad for users, giving...
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Dana Brown
Colombian Prosecutor Charging Human Rights Defender is Implicated in Forced Disappearance
After years of enduring threats from paramilitary organizations, David Ravelo, a Colombian human rights defender, economist and founding member of the Regional Corporation for the Defense of Human...
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Bill McKibben, Nnimmo Bassey
Leave the Carbon in the Ground: An Open Letter to Governments and Their Negotiators
2012 saw the shocking melt of the Arctic, leading our greatest climatologist to declare a 'planetary emergency,' and it saw weather patterns wreck harvests around the world, raising food prices by 40...
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Michelle Chen
Savita's Case Reveals Narrowness of "Catholic" Law in an Increasingly Borderless World
When the young woman lay in agony in the hospital late last month, there should have been nothing standing between her and an emergency medical intervention. But instead, what stood between Savita...
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Josh Stearns
Five Things You Should Know About the FCC’s Big Media Giveaway
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Sam Pizzigati
To Move Forward, We Must Learn from Our Progressive Past
Our contemporary billionaires, most Americans would agree, are exploiting our labor and polluting our politics. Can we shrink our super rich down to a less powerful — and more democratic — size? Of...
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Cat Johnson
The Rise of the Sharing Communities
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Lori Wallach
Can a “Dracula Strategy” Bring Trans-Pacific Partnership into the Sunlight?
While the election season seized everyone’s attention, government officials and 600 official corporate “advisors” were working behind closed doors to complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
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Jim Hightower
A Death in the Family -- and the Question Is: Whodunit?
Born in 1930 in Schiller Park, Ill., the deceased was 82 years old at the time of passing, which ironically was the day before Thanksgiving.
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Glenn Greenwald
AP Believes It Found Evidence of Iran's Work on Nuclear Weapons
Uncritical, fear-mongering media propaganda is far too common to take note of each time it appears, but sometimes, what is produced is so ludicrous that its illustrative value should not be ignored...
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Ana Marie Cox
'Fiscal Cliff' Hype and the Future of Grover Norquist's Taxpayer Pledge
There are many the similarities between Los Angeles and Washington, DC (the most true one having to do with DC being "Hollywood for ugly people), but the hullabaloo around the "fiscal cliff" –...
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Ocean Robbins
Change Is Coming: Factory Farms' Days May Be Numbered
In one of history's most stunning victories for humane farming, Australia's largest supermarket chain, Coles, will as of January 1 stop selling company branded pork and eggs from animals kept in...
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Rev. John Dear
Why I’m Going to Afghanistan
Peacemaking, to paraphrase Dostoyevsky, is “a harsh and dreadful thing.”
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