Views for 2012-11-27

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Isabeau Doucet
Canada, The Surprise 'Pariah' of the Kyoto Protocol
Of all the delegations in the room in Doha, the Canadians adopt the lowest profile.
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Paul McGinniss
The Toxic Legacy of Depleted Uranium Weapons
We all should be aware of the dangers posed by the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. The eight countries known to possess nuclear weapons have 10,000 plus nuclear warheads.
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Mairead Maguire
Israeli Assault on Gaza is Murder, Not “Defense"
It was with the greatest sadness, mixed with frustration, and a sense of helplessness, that many people around the world, myself included, watched on television the horrific scenes of death and...
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Simon Butler
The World Bank’s Gross Hypocrisy on Climate Change
The World Bank delivered a brutal warning about the dangers of runaway climate change and called for rapid action to cut greenhouse gas emissions in a recent report. But don’t expect the bank to take...
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Sarah Jaffe
Dumping on Low-Wage Workers is Lousy Direct Action
The picket line outside the Secaucus, N.J., Walmart at 1 p.m. on Black Friday was joyous, festive and celebratory. The sousaphonist from the Rude Mechanical Orchestra had the slogan “Stand Up, Live...
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Michael T. Klare
A Thermonuclear Energy Bomb in Christmas Wrappings
Rarely does the release of a data-driven report on energy trends trigger front-page headlines around the world. That, however, is exactly what happened on November 12th when the prestigious Paris-...
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Paul Rosenberg
A Grand Bargain is a Grand Betrayal: The Forgotten, Lonely World of Facts
"Facts are stupid things," Ronald Reagan once said, hilariously misquoting Founding Father John Adams, your typical elitist Enlightenment intellectual, who actually said, "Facts are stubborn things,...
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John Nichols
A Mandate to Raise Taxes on the Rich? Election Numbers Say 'Yes'
Joe Scarborough asks in his latest comment on the politics of the fiscal cliff: “Mandate? What mandate?”
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CEO Evening News? CBS Turns to Benefit-Cutting Bosses for 'Fiscal Cliff' Commentary
The CBS Evening News has decided the best way to inform viewers about the impending " fiscal cliff " is to let corporate CEOs affiliated with the Fix the Debt campaign recommend cuts to Social...
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Glenn Greenwald
Obama: A GOP President Should Have Rules Limiting the Kill List
For the last four years, Barack Obama has not only asserted, but aggressively exercised, the power to target for execution anyone he wants, including US citizens, anywhere in the world.
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Robert Naiman
A Reformist Strategy to Downsize the Drone Strike Policy
This is slightly adapted from a presentation given at a Congressional briefing on drone strike policy on November 16, sponsored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich. I want to talk about what Congress could do...
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Mijin Cha
The Climate Fiscal Cliff
Today is the start of the latest UN Climate Conference in Doha. The Doha conference is the 18 th meeting of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and comes at a time when...
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John Atcheson
It's the Physical Cliff, Stupid
OK. There’s the fiscal cliff – a self-inflicted economic hotfoot, but nothing irrevocable.
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