Views for 2012-11-24

Saturday, November 24, 2012
Erika Duthely
Race, Class, and Climate Change in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy ravaged much of the eastern seaboard, leaving some dead, many without shelter, and all of us wondering how such an event could happen. What we realized, though, is that we can no...
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Tampa Bay Times Editorial
Tipping Point on Same-Sex Marriage
For 14 years, same-sex marriage proponents lost every popular vote. But the 2012 general election may well be remembered as the day that changed all that when three states — Maine, Maryland and...
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Jim Lobe
Kristol’s Thanksgiving Meditation Makes Central Role of Israel in Neo-Conservatism Clear
For those, particularly in the timid or intimidated U.S. foreign-policy elite, who still pretend or somehow make themselves believe that Israel is not absolutely central to the neo-conservative...
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Eric Margolis
Cairo Bombshell
A year ago, I was mixing with demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square calling for an end to Mubarak’s dictatorship and democracy for Egypt’s 84 million people. Being a natural-born firebrand, I find...
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Yvo de Boer
Why a Global Climate Treaty Remains Worth Fighting For
Progress towards an international agreement on tackling climate change has been painfully slow, dogged by fundamental disagreements between the countries involved and exacerbated by the financial...
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Jesse Hagopian
When It Comes to Gaza, Don’t Let Obama Speak for Black Americans
As Israeli airstrikes on the Palestinian territory of the Gaza strip rained bombs on civilian areas, President Obama reiterated his support of Israel, saying, "There is no country on earth that would...
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Hesham Sallam
Morsi and the 'Nationalization' of the Revolution
President Mohamed Morsy’s recent decisions to prop up presidential powers and shield the constituent assembly from legal challenges, among other controversial steps, have raised the question of where...
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Josh Eidelson
With Biggest Strike Against Biggest Employer, Walmart Workers Make History Again
HANOVER and SEVERN, MD—For about twenty-four hours, Walmart workers, union members and a slew of other activists pulled off the largest-ever US strike against the largest employer in the world...
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