Views for 2012-11-23

Friday, November 23, 2012
Michael Brick
When ‘Grading’ Is Degrading
In his speech on the night of his re-election, President Obama promised to find common ground with opposition leaders in Congress. Yet when it comes to education reform, it’s the common ground...
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Gypsy Taub
The Naked Truth about San Francisco's Nudity Ban
Scott Wiener (no, I am not trying to be rude: this is the guy's real name), the supervisor of the Castro district of San Francisco , introduced legislation that would ban public nudity city-wide ...
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Michael Nagler
Gaza: A Time to Reflect
This partial check to the mad violence unleashed last week on Gaza, while it comes as a great relief to all of us, should also be an opportunity to refocus our determination that this violence stop...
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Rania Khalek
Palestinian Funerals Are Not ‘Militant Pageantry’
Palestinians love their children and want them to live just like the rest of us.
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Jan Lee
Black Friday: Deciphering the Importance of Buy Nothing Day
For many Americans, Black Friday is a special but important part of the holiday season. A time in which the warm, appreciative glow of a family Thanksgiving is replaced by insatiable deals at...
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Sharif Abdel Kouddous
'People Are Resisting By Existing': Gaza After the Bombing
Gaza erupted in celebration Wednesday night, as thousands of Palestinians took to the streets in the wake of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.
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Taming the Walmart Bully
In the radical spirit of Buy Nothing Day, thousands of Walmart workers are staging a nationwide walkout on Black Friday . . .
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Randall Amster
Giving Back to the Future
I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night; he was alive as you and me — although that’s not saying much anymore. Maybe it’s a dose of 2012 cynicism creeping in, but it’s hard to shake the escalating...
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