Views for 2012-11-21

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Amy Goodman
In Gaza, It’s the Occupation, Stupid
“The Palestinian people want to be free of the occupation,” award-winning Israeli journalist Gideon Levy summed up this week. It is that simple. This latest Israeli military assault on the people of...
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Ira Chernus
A Thanksgiving Ritual for '60s-Style Activists
Out here on the left fringe of ‘60s - style activism, we don’t go in much for ritual. We lefties are about freedom, innovation, always finding a new and better way to do things. Still, there is...
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Linda McQuaig
Fight Against Climate Change Blocked by Luddites at Big Oil
In the interest of fighting climate change, most of us avoid buying SUVs — fortress-like vehicles that aren’t necessary unless one intends to take the whole family for a spin through downtown Baghdad...
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Sheila Bapat
Will Senate Republican Women Support the Paycheck Fairness Act?
A record 98 women will serve in the 113th Congress—20 women in the Senate, and 78 in the House. And in this new Congress, the gender chasm between both major parties is even more stark: Of the 20...
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Jillian C. York
Some Things Never Change: Governments Still Present Biggest Threat to Open Internet
Some things change, but others stay the same. While the types of threats facing Internet users worldwide have diversified over the past few years, from targeted malware to distributed denial of...
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Mark Morford
No Twinkies Please, We’re Dying
Surely you must see. Surely you must understand. Don’t you know rockets are falling all over Gaza and Israel? Do you not read that more than 100 people have died already in brutal and insidious...
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Glenn Greenwald
The 'Both-Sides-Are-Awful' Dismissal of Gaza Ignores the Key Role of the US Government
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Stephen Zunes
Can U.S. Citizens End Israel’s Legal Impunity?
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Fouad Pervez
Down with Drone War Silence
The world recently celebrated Malala Day in honor of the young Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, an innocent victim of political violence perpetrated by the Taliban. She is rightfully honored as a...
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Frances Moore Lappé
This Holiday, Give Thanks and Get Real (About Our Food!)
Fall is about food. Approaching Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, copious food-rich words are written before we all sit down with loved ones to celebrate food abundance. But in this fall food season...
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Brian Tierney
Labor Needs a Different Kind of “Ground Game”
After suffering almost two years of ramped up union-busting, the labor movement came out swinging in the recent elections. It swung its hardest in swing states like Ohio, delivering the 2012...
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