Views for 2012-11-17

Saturday, November 17, 2012
Frida Berrigan
Dystopia and Us: Finding Light in Dark Fiction
“The end is nigh.” It is hard to believe when the sun is shining over green Connecticut grass and Seamus is a slobbering and happy almost 20 pound behemoth in a little bouncy chair just a week before...
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Valerie Strauss
Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan, and the Bipartisan Scourge of Education Reform
Several months ago Jeb Bush publicly praised President Obama for selecting Arne Duncan as education secretary. “I think Arne Duncan has done a good job,” the former Florida governor said in this CBS...
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Eric Margolis
Petraeus' Failures Were in Afghanistan and Iraq, Not Gmail
The US has lost one war and is fast losing a second, yet what really upsets Americans seems to be a juicy sexual scandal; beautiful female general groupies; US brass in Tampa, Florida, living like...
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Dean Baker
Fiscal Cliff Hysteria is Manipulated by Self-Serving Deficit Hawks
Washington elites have spent much of the last three decades getting hysterical about budget deficits, but they are outdoing themselves in the current budget stand-off which they labeled as the "...
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Bruce Vail
Twinkie-Maker Hostess Fires 18,000 People: Blames Long-Suffering Workers
On Friday, the owners of Hostess Brands — the company that makes widely recognized baked goods such as Twinkies and Wonder Bread — made good on a longstanding threat to close down operations,...
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Glenn Greenwald
Stop Pretending the US is an Uninvolved, Helpless Party in the Israeli Assault on Gaza
A central premise of US media coverage of the Israeli attack on Gaza - beyond the fact that Israel is justifiably "defending itself" - is that this is some endless conflict between two foreign...
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Kumi Naidoo
Time to Stand Against Big Oil in the Arctic
Hanging from an oil platform in the Russian Arctic one day last August, I was hosed by a jet of water from above so icy it almost cut through the skin on my face. My hands and feet were blue from the...
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Christopher Brauchli
Soldiers, Sex, and Email
Amoebas at the start Were not complex; They tore themselves apart And started sex. — Arthur Guiterman, Sex
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Ralph Nader
Tax What They Burn Before Tax What We Earn...
As America faces the so-called "fiscal cliff," let's turn our attention to our country's systemic tax problem. To paint a picture, imagine our country as a mine car with its brake lines severed,...
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Charlotte Silver
Western Media Can't Get Palestine Right
Since Israel's brutal 21-day assault on Gaza in the winter of '08-'09 (dubbed by Israeli politicians as Operation Cast Lead) that led to over 1,400 Palestinian deaths - of which 930 were civilians...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Obama Fiddling While Gaza Burns
In 2008–09, during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead invasion of Gaza that left 1,400 Palestinians dead and no good accomplished, the George W. Bush administration famously dithered and sat on the...
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Raffi Cavoukian, Sandy Garossino
Protect Our Children: An Open Letter to Facebook
To: Sheryl Sandberg COO, Facebook, Inc. Dear Ms. Sandberg, We are a community of concerned citizens in British Columbia, including Amanda Todd’s mother. As you may know, Amanda was contacted and...
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Katherine Gallagher
Damn Right, George Bush Should Face Criminal Proceedings for Waterboarding
One thing brings together these four men – Hassan bin Attash, Sami el-Hajj, Muhammed Khan Tumani and Murat Kurnaz : they are all survivors of the systematic torture program the Bush administration...
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Dennis Kucinich
Obama Administration Must Account to Congress for Targeted Assassinations
The use of drones in Pakistan has inflamed anti-American sentiment in the region. Photograph: Mk Chaudhry/EPA According to news reports , President Obama maintains a list of alleged militants to be...
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Elizabeth Murray
Likening Palestinians to Blades of Grass
In early 2010, one of Washington DC’s most prestigious think tanks was holding a seminar on the Middle East which included a discussion of Israel’s December 2008-January 2009 assault on Gaza which...
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