Views for 2012-11-16

Friday, November 16, 2012
Catherine Charrett
Gaza vs. Israel: Legitimate and Illegitimate Use of Violence in the Western Discourse
We hear news that the Israeli state has called up 75,000 reserves and is planning for a ground invasion. I continue to hear loud explosions of air raids surround our home in Saftawi, Gaza. The...
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Brita Rose
Light After the Storm - Local Churches Partner with Occupy Sandy in Grass Roots Relief Efforts
It was a beautiful sight -- throngs of volunteers lining up outside a local church on Sunday, Day Five of the local recovery initiative spearheaded by Occupy Sandy. The number of willing helpers had...
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Nick Turse
The Secret Building Boom of the Obama Years
A billion dollars from the federal government: that kind of money could go a long way toward revitalizing a country’s aging infrastructure. It could provide housing or better water and sewer systems...
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Jeff Faux
Election Over, Time For Progressive Dems to Face the Truth
Terrorized by the prospect of a complete takeover of the U.S. government by right-wing reactionaries—progressive Democrats swallowed their unhappiness with Barack Obama throughout the campaign. They...
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Eric Darier
Is the World Heading Towards Another Food Crisis?
Too many countries have in history experienced the devastation of not only failed harvests, but also gross agricultural policy mismanagement.
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Robert Scheer
California: The Land of Milk and Honey Once More
What’s the matter with California? It is a question once asked about Kansas when that state came to be viewed as a harbinger of a more conservative America. But now the trend is quite opposite, the...
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Jesse Hagopian
Scrooge “White Man” Romney and Santa “Gag Gift” Obama: An Election Carol
Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has his electoral loss figured out.
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Paul Krugman
Life, Death and Deficits
America’s political landscape is infested with many zombie ideas — beliefs about policy that have been repeatedly refuted with evidence and analysis but refuse to die. The most prominent zombie is...
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Belén Fernández
Israel's Terror in Gaza
In honour of the latest installment of homicidal Israeli behaviour in Gaza, the Twitter account of the Israel Defence Forces ( @IDFSpokesperson ) has played host to a flurry of activity.
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Phil Rockstroh
After The Flood: Requiem for a Friend, Death Knell for a Dying Paradigm
So much has been lost to the hubris and cupidity inherent to the hyper-industrialization and commercial hustler that defines the Anthropocene Epoch. To take it all in, to allow oneself to feel the...
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César Chelala
The Politics and Insanity of the US Embargo on Cuba
Dear President Obama:
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Meher Ahmad
How Israel Is Winning the Hashtag War in Gaza
As the war between Gaza and Israel heightens to levels unseen since the devastating Operation Cast Lead, the competing narratives behind the conflict have reached a new platform: social media.
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Mazher Ali
Why is Oprah the Only Black Person on the Forbes 400?
Oprah Winfrey is the only African American on the Forbes 400, a list of the wealthiest people in the U.S. In fact, she's one of only six known Black billionaires in the world, and she's the only...
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Vicente Navarro
The Social Crisis in Spain and Beyond
Today we are witnessing a frontal attack (and there is no other word to describe what is happening) to the welfare states of the countries of the Eurozone, which is especially accentuated in the...
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Slavoj Žižek
Why Obama is More than Bush with a Human Face
How did Barack Obama win re-election? The philosopher Jean-Claude Milner recently proposed the notion of the "stabilising class": not the old ruling class, but all who are committed to the stability...
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