Views for 2012-11-15

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Kill List Policy Compels US Support for Israeli Attacks on Gaza
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Ali Abunimah
Death and Tragedy in Gaza: A Timeline
Today, 3 Israelis were killed as a result of rocket fire from Gaza.
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Richard Heinberg
Slow Economic Growth? You Can't Say That!
In his November 14 press conference president Obama made a few brief comments about global warming:
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Peter Dreier, Donald Cohen
Obama Won. Now It's Time to Change the System
Despite President Obama’s important, even landmark, accomplishments, by the time November 6 arrived, many Americans were disappointed with his first term. They expected him to be a “transformational...
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Simon Tisdall
Israel's Latest Gaza Attack Could Spiral Out of Control
An extreme act, such as Israel's assassination of Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jabari , invites extreme consequences. These are now threatened by Gaza militants who vow to resume the suicide...
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Jessica Valenti
Justice For Savita
This week, the first American study ever to look at what happens to women when they're denied abortions was released.
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Phyllis Bennis
Israel Escalates with Attacks on Gaza
Tuesday’s Egyptian-brokered cease-fire between Gaza and Israel collapsed Wednesday when Israel launched a major escalation. In airstrikes almost certainly involving US-made F-16 warplanes and/or US-...
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David Roberts
There’s Not Gonna Be a Carbon Tax
The idea of a carbon tax is going through one of its regular cycles of hype and excitement. This time, it’s being pitched as part of a “grand bargain” meant to address the long-term debt (which isn’t...
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Ralph Nader
'Grand Bargain' Charade a Scheme to Protect Corporate Welfare
Congress is still talking about a “Grand Bargain” that “balances” far more spending cuts than tax increases. That is another way of saying that you – the consumer of Medicare and Medicaid services,...
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Thomas Hedges
How Germany Is Getting to 100 Percent Renewable Energy
There is no debate on climate change in Germany. The temperature for the past 10 months has been three degrees above average and we’re again on course for the warmest year on record. There’s no...
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Amy Goodman
The Growing Global Movement Against Austerity
Amaia Engana didn’t wait to be evicted from her home. On Nov. 9, in the town of Barakaldo, a suburb of Bilbao in Spain’s Basque Country, officials from the local judiciary were on their way to serve...
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Tim Swinehart
Stealing and Selling Nature: Why We Need to Reclaim “the Commons” in the Curriculum
In the wake of superstorm Sandy and a presidential election in which both candidates essentially ignored climate change, it’s time that our schools began to play their part in creating climate...
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