Views for 2012-11-07

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Ralph Nader
On a Progressive Civic Agenda
The “democracy gap” in our politics and elections spells a deep sense of powerlessness by people who drop out, do not vote, or listlessly vote for the ‘least worst’ every four years and then wonder...
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John Buell
The US Austerity Fight Cometh
President Obama may soon face a three-headed monster. Though a tepid recovery is underway in the United States, unemployment remains high and some of the tools used to promote recovery carry...
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Elizabeth Rose
Social Security: It Ain't Broke
Social Security is more popular than sliced bread. And it should be. Our Social Security system is the foundation of our families' security: We work hard and pay into it with every paycheck so each...
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Paul Krugman
The Real Real America
So, for a while there during the campaign it seemed very iffy. But in the end, discipline and being on the right side of the issues prevailed. Yes, Elizabeth Warren won! Oh, and that guy Obama too.
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Glenn Greenwald
From Liberal Victory to Disempowerment in Six Easy Steps
The greatest and most enduring significance of Tuesday night's election results will likely not be the re-election of Barack Obama, but rather what the outcome reflects about the American electorate...
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Sarah Waheed
The Malalas You Don't See
On October 24 in Northwest Pakistan, two children were injured in a drone strike authorized by the President of the United States. Other kids have been killed by similar strikes; Americans do not...
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Sarah Anderson
Those Fighting Economic Inequality Rewarded by Voters
Members of Congress who received good marks in an Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) report card on inequality fared well in the election.
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Anis Shivani
What Progressives Expect from Obama
Dear President Obama,
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Hamid Dabashi
Obama Again, But Is the Global Grace Gone?
I had meant to write this essay before the 2012 US presidential election came to an end by way of a public statement as to why I would not vote for Obama this year.
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Matthew Breen
Historic, Wondrous Night for LGBT Equality
Wow, what a big, gay, historic night! Marriage won at the ballot box for the very first time, and we reelected Barack Obama, the most pro-equality president in our country’s history, to a second term...
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Phil Aroneanu
Bill McKibben’s Math: Climate Change Hits Home (in a 22-City Tour)
For two hours last Monday night, New York City got pummeled by Hurricane Sandy, along with much of the New Jersey and Connecticut coast. The windows started bowing and rattling with every gust, and...
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John Nichols
For Obama, a Bigger Win Than for Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Bush or Bush
It wasn't even close. That's the unexpected result of the November 6 election.
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Mark Weisbrot
Obama's Victory and the Progressive Work To Come
President Obama's re-election was never much in doubt, except perhaps briefly when he took a plunge after the first debate and we didn't know where the bottom was. But by the end of the campaign, Sam...
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