Views for 2012-11-02

Friday, November 2, 2012
Damian Carrington
If Sandy Doesn't Destroy Obama's Climate Cowardice, What Will?
Could the backing of Barack Obama by the mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg be "the most important news story of all time"?
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Karen Dolan
Beyond the Jobs Report: A Call for a Transformational Economy
Don't count on the latest round of good economic news to have much of an impact on the elections. There are very few undecided voters left and these minor changes aren't likely to change anyone's...
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Laura Barrett
Avoiding Post-Sandy Disaster Capitalism: On Rebuilding the Right Way
All around America, we've watched the devastation of Hurricane Sandy with a sense of shock and heartbreak. For millions of people who suffered from the storm, some of the hardest questions seem to be...
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Richard Schiffman
America's Nuclear Safety Under Scrutiny after Oyster Creek's Sandy Alert
We know the bad news about superstorm Sandy : the Jersey shore was devastated and many towns remain waterlogged.
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Andrew Leonard
Joseph Stiglitz: “Romney’s Plan is Based on Magic”
Joseph Stiglitz has a decent résumé. He won the Nobel Prize in economics and served as chairman of Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers before being named chief economist of the World Bank...
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Amitabh Pal
Romney's Extremist Foreign Policy
Which Mitt Romney will we see on foreign policy, if he’s elected? The slightly right of center cautious international consensus builder? Or the reckless neocon sock puppet? These questions have been...
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Ken Butigan
Challenging the ‘Disposition Matrix’ and Its Ever-Expanding Kill List
Last week The Washington Post published a three-part series on the U.S. government’s dramatic increase in targeted killing, and the steps being taken to institutionalize extra-judicial assassination...
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Greg Kaufmann
Romney Declines as Obama Answers Poverty Questions
Three months ago, anticipating that the media and presidential campaigns wouldn’t focus on the struggles of the poor and near poor in a substantive way, kicked off a new campaign: “#...
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Ralph Nader
Waiting for Obama, Democrats Will Lose the House of Representatives
Will the Congressional Democrats recover the House of Representatives from the clutches of the cruelest, most corporately monetized, anti-people Republican Party since 1858? ( see the House...
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Michelle Chen
In Sandy’s Wake, New York’s Landscape of Inequity Revealed
The shock of Sandy is still rippling across the northeastern United States. But in the microcosm of New York City, we can already see who’s going to bear the brunt of the damage.
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Sarah van Gelder
What Climate-Driven Hurricane Sandy Teaches about Cooperation
2012 may well be remembered as the year the climate crisis got real. Superstorm Sandy followed a summer of record-breaking heat, wildfires, and droughts, during which more than half of U.S. counties...
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