Views for 2012-10-31

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Yifat Susskind
From Haiti with Love: Words of Support Through the Storm
Here in New York City, we have weathered an overwhelming storm. Throughout the region, streets and homes lie in ruin. Many of us are without electricity and water. The infrastructu re we took for...
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Danny Glover
Why Chavez Won Again
I had the privilege of traveling to Venezuela and witnessing the country's October 7 presidential election and watching the South American country's extraordinarily active and engaged citizenry in...
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John Nichols
Yes, Romney's a Liar, But This Is Getting Ridiculous
It is no secret that political candidates are capable of doing awful things when they are reach the desperate final days of an election campaign.
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David Pomerantz
Global Warming = Sandy. Which Politicians Get It, Which Don’t
Meet Hurricane Sandy, brought to you by global warming.
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Susan Clark, Woden Teachout
In Praise of Slow Democracy
Here we are, one week before the election, in the midst of electoral fatigue. Most citizens feel a deep cynicism about the candidates and the federal government.
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Frances Moore Lappé, Diane Moss
Facing Sandy's Fury, Don't Let Clean Energy Naysayers Deny Us Hope
As a historic storm hammers the east -- signaling the extremes promised by climate change -- maybe we should listen to the wind. Isn't it telling us to celebrate clean energy's potential and push it...
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Aviva Shen
Romney Campaign Staged Donations At Storm Relief Event
As the East Coast and parts of Ohio struggled to regroup in the devastating wake of “Superstorm” Sandy, the Romney campaign hastily transformed a scheduled victory rally in Dayton, Ohio into a non-...
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David Morris
A Stormy Reminder of Why We Need Government
If this election is a referendum on the benefit of government then superstorm Sandy should be Exhibit A for the affirmative. The government weather service, using data from government weather...
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Lizz Winstead
Hey Super PACs, Superstorm Sandy Just Gave You a Great Cause for Your Millions
We are a week out from the presidential election. We have just had 60 million Americans affected by a hurricane.
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Bill McKibben
Sandy Forces Climate Change on US Election Despite Fossil Fuel Lobby
Here's a sentence I wish I hadn't written – it rolled out of my Macbook in May, part of an article for Rolling Stone that quickly went viral:
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Richard Eskow
God's Stimulus? It'll Take More Than Just Money to Recover From Sandy
Hurricane Sandy was the stimulus nobody wanted. It took a terrible toll in lives, homes, and dreams. For the families who lost loved ones the tragedy will never end. And yet, in a bitter irony, this...
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Jim Hightower
The Corporate Mad Dogs of Citizens United
As feared, our people's democratic authority has been dogged nearly to death by the hounds of money in this election go 'round, thanks to the Supreme Court's reckless decree in the now-infamous...
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John Atcheson
The National Voter Qualification Test: A Modest Proposal
Republicans have been concerned about voter fraud. A far more dangerous threat to our democracy is voter ignorance. Maybe it’s time for a poll test to assure that voters know a little about the...
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