Views for 2012-10-27

Saturday, October 27, 2012
Juan Cole
Candidates Flee East Coast as Frankenstorm Takes Revenge for their Ignoring Climate Change
Mitt Romney and Joe Biden have canceled campaign events planned for this weekend at Virginia Beach as a massive storm bears down on the east coast of the US. The candidates are fleeing from the East...
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Michelle Chen
World Bank’s Anti-Labor Index Is a Dirty Business
It’s a 2012 campaign mantra: On Day One, the new president will reboot the economy by spurring businesses to grow and thrive.
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Michael Paarlberg
Can the Company Fire You for the Way You Vote?
So many stories of employers pressuring their workers to vote for Romney have come out that you might think workplace intimidation was invented just for this election.
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Greg Mitchell
It Might Save Obama This Year, but the Electoral College Must Go!
Chances are growing that we may very well see a split in this year’s election, with Governor Romney narrowly winning the popular vote and President Obama taking the Electoral College (maybe by a...
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Steve Horn
Tar Sands South: First US Tar Sands Mine Approved in Utah
The race is on for the up-and-coming U.S. tar sands industry .
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Amy Dean
Lesson From Chicago: We Need Resources and Accountability to Avoid a Two-Tiered Education System
The Chicago teachers' strike may be over, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have replaced the Chicago schools CEO, but the underlying issues that caused the rift between teachers and public schools...
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Christopher Brauchli
Voters and Debaters
A President needs political understanding to run the government, but he may be elected without it. — Harry Truman, Memoirs
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Tom Engelhardt
Unintended Consequences and the U.S. Military
It wasn’t an everyday event, the arrival in TomDispatch’s email inbox of a letter of complaint from Colonel Tom Davis, director of public affairs at USAFRICOM. It began, “Greetings from U.S.
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