Views for 2012-10-26

Friday, October 26, 2012
Glenn Greenwald
Journalism in the Obama Age Shows the Real Media Bias
Last month, Vanity Fair featured a major profile of President Obama by Michael Lewis, who was given what the New York Times called "rare" and "extraordinary access".
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Robert Reich
If You Succumb to Cynicism, The Regressives Win it All
This is for those of you who consider yourself to be progressive but have given up on politics because it seems rotten to the core. You may prefer Obama to Romney but don’t think there’s a huge...
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Michelle Chen
The Formula for ‘Equal Opportunity’: Why Affirmative Action Isn’t Enough
Once again, affirmative action is on trial in the Supreme Court. The pending case, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin , challenges U.T. Austin's admissions policy, which aims to bring in more...
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Aura Bogado
Suppression Surges as Election Nears
With a little more than a week before Election Day, grassroots campaigns are hoping to maximize voter participation among often disenfranchised communities. Cuéntame has launched a series of public...
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Matt Taibbi
On Obama and 'Too Big To Fail' Banks: A Brief Response
The new issue of Rolling Stone features an in-depth interview with President Obama . An interview with a sitting president is always an intense experience for any news outlet, but in this case the...
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Katha Pollitt
Ladies, Don't Fall for Moderate Mitt!
Dear Undecided Women Voters of America: It’s been fun watching you force the candidates to pay attention to the stuff men really don’t like to think about—equal pay and abortion and “legitimate rape...
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Harvey Wasserman
Rust-Bucket Nuclear Reactors Start to Fail
The US fleet of 104 deteriorating atomic reactors is starting to fall. The much-hyped "nuclear renaissance" is now definitively headed in reverse.
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Greg Kaufmann
Bigger Than Big Foot: Paul Ryan's Mythological Poverty Policies
“What’s really at work here is the spirit of the Lord,” would-be Vice President Paul Ryan said in a speech on poverty and upward mobility before conservative Ohioan churchgoers on Wednesday.
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Ralph Nader
Capitol Hill’s Rabid, Ravaging Republicans
Has there ever been a more crazed, cruel, anti-people, corporate-indentured, militaristic and monetized Republican Party in its 154-year history? An about-to-be-released list of some of the actual...
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John Nichols
Paul Ryan Takes a Side in the War on Poverty: He's Against What Works
Paul Ryan has a right to be wrong. He can believe that anti-poverty programs don’t work.
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Ross Caputi
The Victims of Fallujah's Health Crisis Are Stifled by Western Silence
Four new studies on the health crisis in Fallujah have been published in the last three months.
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David Macaray
Rebooting Our Definition of “Patriotism”
Which is more “patriotic”—to loyally refrain from criticizing your government’s foreign policies, no matter how brutal or peremptory they may be (including those that result in quasi-legal, immoral...
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Rebekah Wilce
Big Ag Ad Blitz Puts GMO Labeling in Jeopardy
California Proposition 37 to label foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is up for a vote on Tuesday, November 6. It enjoyed broad popular support as of September, with a USC...
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Robert Naiman
Five Specific Questions Journalists Should Ask About the Drone Strike Policy
Before Monday night's presidential debate, many of us urged Bob Schieffer to ask a question about drone strikes. And, in fact - credit where credit is due - Bob Schieffer did ask a question about...
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Carl Gibson
'We Pay More': US Austerity Well Underway
After I pinned a dollar bill on my jacket lapel with “I PAY MORE” written on it in black marker, I’ve had countless conversations during my travels across the United States that went something like...
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