Views for 2012-10-21

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Chris Hedges
McGovern: He Never Sold His Soul
In the summer of 1972, when I was 15, I persuaded my parents to let me ride my bike down to the local George McGovern headquarters every morning to work on his campaign. McGovern, who died early...
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Danny Schechter
US Election Concern: What Is There To Vote For?
As Americans prepare to go to the polls, the airwaves are littered with paid advertising of the crassest and most manipulative kind. Political issues packaged by ad agencies are flooding the arena of...
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Rupert Cornwell
Poverty: The Election Issue That Dare Not Speak Its Name
A presidential election campaign approaches its climax, as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney criss-cross the land in search of the last few votes. But my thoughts have turned to a couple of candidates...
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John Nichols
George McGovern: Touchstone of Liberalism
For the better part of his American century, George McGovern's was America's most prominent advocate for peace with the world and justice at home, a progressive internationalist and prairie populist...
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Haroon Siddiqui
American Bombing of Iraq Left Legacy of Deformed Babies
Remember Falluja? That city in central Iraq was the scene of two furious attacks in 2004 by American Marines. That spring, they went on a bombing, shooting rampage to avenge the murder and mutilation...
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Michael Lind
Hard Times Hardly Hurt the Superrich
Forget the recession - there has never been a better time to be a member of that most exclusive of clubs: the ultrarich.
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Michelle Chen
Pesticide Threat Looms Large Over Farmworker Families
No matter how good your next meal tastes, it's likely it made society ill.
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Karl Grossman
McGovern Was Prescient About America
George McGovern, who died today, was prescient about America. When he ran for president 40 years ago, he well-understood what the federal government of the United States had become, among other...
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