Views for 2012-10-16

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Glenn Greenwald
The Lame Rules for Presidential Debates: A Perfect Microcosm of US Democracy
The way the two major parties control the presidential debates is a perfect microcosm of how political debates are restricted in general. Though typically shrouded in secrecy, several facts about...
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Omar Barghouti
EU Support for Israeli Crimes Makes It Unworthy of Nobel Peace Prize
The European Union is not “merely hypocritical” in its relationship with Israel, it is “complicit in crimes against the Palestinian people.” This is one of the main conclusions of David Cronin’s...
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David Morris
Is It All About Hormones?
Everywhere I turn, the story line seems to pivot on hormones.
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Brendan Fischer
Koch Social Media Policy May Be Unlawful
The Koch Industries policy limiting employee speech on social media may be unlawful in light of recent decisions by the National Labor Relations Board, but employers still have broad leeway to impose...
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Ann Wright
US Joins Israel in Blockading Education to Students in Gaza
As another international activist ship is on the high seas to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza, the United States government has joined with Israel to blockade higher education opportunities...
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Jeff Biggers
The Arizonification of America
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Cause For Hope: Robin Hood Tax Advances in Europe
Here’s a piece of unadulterated good news: At a meeting of European Union finance ministers last week, eleven European Countries agreed to support a financial transaction tax. It’s the latest step in...
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John Nichols
It's Time to Debate Bain Capitalism
Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the veteran Democratic leader who mentored a young Barack Obama and remains one of the president’s closest allies, was not planning to be at Obama’s side for today’s...
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Jezra Thompson
All Together Now: World Food Day 2012
One in seven people around the world will feel hunger today. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO ) brings global awareness to this issue every year on October 16 th ,...
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Bernie Sanders
End Polluter Welfare
The Big Energy industries (oil, coal and gas) along with their political allies like Mitt Romney are waging war against sustainable energy and the need to transform our energy system and reverse...
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Laurie Penny
The Golden Dawn: Neo-Fascists Rise in a Greece Mired in Austerity Pain
“Wrap it up, you little faggots!” The huge bald man in blue screams at theatregoers on a public street in Athens. He is flanked by police, who do nothing to stop him hurling his racist, homophobic...
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Noam Chomsky
The Week the World Stood Still: The Cuban Missile Crisis and Ownership of the World
The world stood still 50 years ago during the last week of October, from the moment when it learned that the Soviet Union had placed nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba until the crisis was officially...
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