Views for 2012-10-15

Monday, October 15, 2012
Ray McGovern
Libya: Policy Bankrupt, Diplomats Dead
If you prefer charade to reality, inquisition to investigation, trees over forest – the House Government Oversight Committee hearing last Tuesday on “Security Failures of Benghazi” was the thing for...
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Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Justice to the Highest Bidder
When the National Football League ended its lockout of the professional referees and the refs returned to call the games, all across the country players, fans, sponsors and owners breathed a sigh of...
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Kristin Moe
Much at Stake as Possibility of Tar Sands Pipeline Looms
PORTLAND - Conservation groups recently held a news conference to sound the alarm over an oil pipeline project that isn't even officially on the table. What's the big deal? It seems simple: Take an...
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Jonathan Turley
Shut Up and Play Nice: How the Western World is Limiting Free Speech
Free speech is dying in the Western world. While most people still enjoy considerable freedom of expression, this right, once a near-absolute, has become less defined and less dependable for those...
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Chris Hedges
Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline
The next great battle of the Occupy movement may not take place in city parks and plazas, where the security and surveillance state is blocking protesters from setting up urban encampments. Instead...
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Vandana Shiva
Giant Walmart vs. the Small Farmer
India is a land of small farmers. According to the United Nations, the smaller the farm, the higher the productivity.
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Jeremiah Goulka
Of Republicans, Race Cards, and Voter ID Laws
Democrats are frustrated: Why can’t Republican voters see that Republicans pass voter ID laws to suppress voting, not fraud?
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Joseph Nevins
The Privilege of Being Human: Ecological Crisis and the Need to Challenge the Twenty Percent
Although you would not know it from what passes for debate during the ongoing presidential campaign here in the United States, the biosphere is under siege.
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John Vidal
UN Warns of Looming Worldwide Food Crisis in 2013
World grain reserves are so dangerously low that severe weather in the United States or other food-exporting countries could trigger a major hunger crisis next year, the United Nations has warned.
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Paul Krugman
Death By Ideology: Yes, Mitt, Lack of Insurance Does Kill People
Mitt Romney doesn’t see dead people. But that’s only because he doesn’t want to see them; if he did, he’d have to acknowledge the ugly reality of what will happen if he and Paul Ryan get their way on...
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George Lakoff
Moral Leadership: In a Presidential Debate, and for Real
As Nate Silver, NY Times polling expert put it, “Instant polls conducted after the debate are suggestive of something between a tie and a modest win for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.”
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Paul Buchheit
Five Ways Deregulation Is Ripping America Apart
Conservatives believe that enriching individuals will eventually enrich society, and that government should not get in the way of the process. This is what happens as a result: 1. The tax loss from...
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