Views for 2012-10-12

Friday, October 12, 2012
David Roberts
Questions at VP Debate Reveal Bankrupt Beltway Thinking
Thursday’s vice presidential debate ( transcript ) revealed nothing about the candidates’ positions on energy or climate change, but it revealed a great deal about the twisted priorities and...
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Brian Terrell
Murder by Drone Unpunished While Drone Protester Heads to Jail
Editor's note: US District Court Judge Matt Whitworth sentenced Iowa resident Brian Terrell and retired minister Ron Faust this week after finding them guilty of trespassing following a protest by...
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Rose Ann DeMoro
It’s Up to All of Us to Protect Social Security
“One thing I know. Social Security is so firmly embedded in the American psychology today that no politician, no political group could possibly destroy this Act and still maintain our democratic...
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Matt Taibbi
The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh
I've never thought much of Joe Biden. But man, did he get it right in last night's debate , and not just because he walloped sniveling little Paul Ryan on the facts.
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Peter Dreier
Paul Wellstone: 10 Years After His Death, He Still Sets the Bar for a Politics of Conviction
Shortly before he died in a plane crash on October 25, 2002, Paul Wellstone explained why he was in the Senate: “I don’t represent the big oil companies, the big pharmaceuticals, or the big insurance...
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Mark Engler
Obama: A Better Adversary
At summer’s end, Barack Obama’s campaign has already aired tens of millions of dollars worth of advertisements. You don’t have to believe their promises to think that his re-election would be...
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Glenn Greenwald
Martha Raddatz and the Faux Objectivity of Journalists
Numerous commentators (including me) were complimentary of the performance of Martha Raddatz as the moderator of Wednesday night's vice presidential debate . She was assertive, asked mostly...
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Robin Marty
What Does the Church Think? Women's Rights Framed as Religious Question In VP Debate
Two debates into a four debate format, we have now seen all four members of the opposing campaigns debate the issues most important to the American voters. In that total 180 minutes of debate time,...
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Paul Krugman
Triumph of the Wrong: The GOP's Austerity Plan for America
In these closing weeks of the campaign, each side wants you to believe that it has the right ideas to fix a still-ailing economy. So here’s what you need to know: If you look at the track record, the...
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John Atcheson
Five Simple Realities Missing from the Campaign
The campaign lurches on, the adds stream endlessly into our living rooms, the robo-calls clamor incessantly for our dollars, candidates get bought and sold, the press obediently acts as if there’s...
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Phyllis Bennis
What Went Unmentioned in the Vice Presidential Debate
What remains missing on in the v-p debate is what Israel has gained from the debate — just the debate! — over Iran. That is, as long as Israel maintains its spurious claim that Iran represents an "...
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Glenn Greenwald
Thoughts on VP Debate (Observations from a Reluctant Pundit)
I contributed one item to the Guardian's live blog on tonight's vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan , and although I do not t
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