Views for 2012-10-08

Monday, October 8, 2012
Joan Walsh
Mitt’s Magical Thinking on Foreign Policy
Mitt Romney’s hailed foreign policy speech combined magical thinking and mendacity, with promises or threats to maintain, restore, escalate or commence military involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq,...
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Jon Walker
Obama Campaign Makes Sure You Know Obama Plans to Cut Social Security
President Obama’s performance in the first debate has been widely criticized, particularly his answer to a question about Social Security. As a result, the campaign felt the need to put up a blog...
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César Chelala
Russell Tribunal Strongly Condemns US and UN on Israel's Policies
In its last meeting in New York, the Russell Tribunal, also known as the International War Tribunal, strongly condemned Israeli policies towards Palestinians, particularly in the Gaza Strip. In...
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John Nichols
Obama and Biden Need to Get Specific About Social Security and Medicare
The first of three presidential debates is done. But the debate over the future of Social Security is far from settled.
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Dean Baker
What Price Basic Competence in Economics Reporting?
One of the reasons that the United States and much of the rest of world remains mired in near-recession conditions is that many involved in the policy debate are completely confused on even the most...
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David Smith-Ferri
Against Odds: An Evening with Children's Joy in Afghanistan
Here in Afghanistan, survival – physical, cultural, and psychosocial – is a pressing and inescapable reality, a day-to-day struggle against odds for many people, especially as the harsh Afghan winter...
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Dana Lone Hill
Columbus Day: No Cause for Celebration
All across America on Monday, people will be celebrating Columbus Day. I don't know what that means exactly, except usually there's a white sale where you can buy your sheets at 20% off. Supposedly,...
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Robert Fisk
Plucky Little Turkey Standing Up to Evil Syria? It's Not as Simple as That
How the government howled. With the help of a neighbouring state, "terrorists" were trying to destroy the government and its army, blowing up and murdering its supporters. "Terrorists" were crossing...
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Paul Krugman
The Truth About Jobs
If anyone had doubts about the madness that has spread through a large part of the American political spectrum, the reaction to Friday’s better-than expected report from the Bureau of Labor...
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Chris Hedges
The Maimed: On Eleven Years of War in Afghanistan
Chris Hedges gave this talk Sunday night in New York City at a protest denouncing the 11th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. The event, at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, was led by Veterans for...
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Paul Buchheit
Five Practical Reasons Not To Vote Republican
There is no shortage of reasons not to vote Republican. The litany includes tax cuts for the rich, cutbacks in government programs, obstructing needed legislation, disregard for the environment,...
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