Views for 2012-10-02

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Andy Kroll
The Death of the Golden Dream of Higher Education
It was the greatest education system the world had ever seen. They built it into the eucalyptus-dotted Berkeley hills and under the bright lights of Los Angeles, down in the valley in Fresno and in...
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Dennis Kucinich
Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later
Ten years ago today the debate over the Iraq War came to Congress in the form of a resolution promoted by the Bush Administration. The war in Iraq will cost the United States as much as $5 trillion...
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Charlie Cray
Barry Commoner: The Greatest Environmentalist of the 20th Century
Barry Commoner (1917-2012) had a deep influence on Greenpeace back in the 1980s and 1990s, and was often way ahead of us on particular fronts. Back then, his books were on shelves all over the office...
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Allison Kilkenny
Riot Police Arrest Peaceful Protesters at Rally for Striking Walmart Workers
Hundreds of people gathered at a major Walmart distribution center Monday in Elwood, Illinois, to stand in solidarity with workers who have been on strike since mid-September in response to unsafe...
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Greg Kaufmann
#TalkPoverty: Thirteen Questions for the First Presidential Debate
A few months ago, anticipating that the presidential campaigns would fail to focus in any substantive way on the record levels of poverty now plaguing the country, The Nation kicked off a campaign to...
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Tim Karr
One Minute of News vs. 162 Minutes of Ads
Denver is playing host to the first presidential debate of 2012, but for TV viewers in the Rocky Mountain State, the political mudslinging has been going on for months, thanks in large part to the...
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Glenn Greenwald
The True Reason US Fears Iranian Nukes: They Can Deter US Attacks
In the Washington Post today, Richard Cohen expresses surprise that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is "starting to make some sense" and "wax rationally". Cohen specifically cites this...
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Allie Bohm
Documents Obtained by ACLU Shed Light on Other Telecom Surveillance Techniques
For the past year, the ACLU has been gathering information on local law enforcement agencies’ use of cell phone location tracking .
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Richard Wolff
Big Finance's Pathology Compels the Logic of Socialized Banking
A long string of socially costly misdeeds by major private US banks have been exposed since the current crisis hit in 2007.
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Ray McGovern
Silence of the Drones and a March for Peace in Pakistan
Several friends of mine are among the 35 American activists assembling in Pakistan in recent days in an effort to seek ground truth on the impact of U.S. drone strikes on civilians there.
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Bernie Sanders
Cut Deficit, But Not on Backs of Needy
Yes. We must address the very serious problem of a $16 trillion national debt and a $1 trillion federal deficit.
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Ari Berman
A Recent History of GOP Voter Suppression in Florida
The state of Florida has an unfortunate history of disenfranchising voters. We all remember the “hanging chads” of 2000. Less well-known is how Florida wrongly labeled 12,000 eligible voters as...
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Michael Winship
Campaign Cash? Local TV News Hits Mute Button
That ringing in your ears isn’t church bells or a touch of tinnitus. It’s the sound of campaign cash registers all over the country, chiming together like the world’s biggest carillon, as money pours...
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George Lakoff
What to Watch for in the Presidential Debates
I’ve been applying cognitive linguistics and neuroscience to politics in six books over the past two decades. The ideas in those books were on display in many of the speeches at the Democratic...
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