Views for 2012-09-28

Friday, September 28, 2012
Eric Margolis
Why the American Raj is Under Seige
The killing of the US ambassador to Libya and angry demonstrations across the Muslim world over a tacky anti-Islamic hate video have produced the usual flood of wrong-headed commentary from our media...
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Frida Berrigan
Sister Act-ivists
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Linda McQuaig
Mitt Romney Blurts Out the Truth About Neo-Conservatism
Ironically, in the now-famous video that seems likely to end his political career, it could be said that Mitt Romney was speaking truth to power.
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Soraya Chemaly
One Billion Rising: Ending the Pandemic of Violence Against Women
Every day, girls and women the world over face a broad range of assaults which, in the aggregate, inhibit equality everywhere. In the United States we are dealing with a legislative assault on women’...
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David Sirota
The Choice Between Automatons and Leaders
Ask corporate executives what they really want in a legislator, and they probably won't use words like "principled" or "well-informed." If the cocktails are appropriately strong and inhibitions are...
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Greg Kaufmann
The Invisibles in Mississippi and the US
Before there was Clinton-Gingrich Welfare Reform in 1996 there was Mississippi Governor Kirk Fordice’s “Work First” pilot program in 1995. That year, the Clinton Administration granted the Republican...
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Ira Chernus
Israel Versus Iran: Netanyahu’s Cartoon Version
I was driving home listening to NPR when the top-of-the-hour headlines came on. First item: Just moments earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing the UN General Assembly, “...
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David Macaray
De-Bunking the Myth of the “Union Boss”
Among the many myths and outright lies being circulated about labor unions (e.g., union members can’t be fired, they are inferior workers, it was union wages that forced companies to relocate...
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Ralph Nader
Barack to Mitt: Corporations Run the Economy
Here is an open letter that Barack Obama should write to Mitt Romney – pronto! Dear Mr. Romney: Not a day goes by without you blaming me for every slumping or stagnant economic indicator...
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