Views for 2012-09-17

Monday, September 17, 2012
Peter Hart
After NATO Strike Kills 8 Afghan Women, Pundits Still Wonder: Why Do They Hate Us?
The protests and violence in Egypt, Libya and Yemen have caused a notable uptick in media discussions about, as Newsweek 's cover puts it, "Muslim Rage."
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Pat LaMarche
US Poised to Violate Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
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Robert Kuttner
Thank You, Paul Ryan
Two years ago, the Democrats handed the Republicans their two crown jewels -- Social Security and Medicare.
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Frances Fox Piven
Occupy's Protest Is Not Over. It Has Barely Begun
A good many observers wonder, is Occupy over?
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Juan Cole
Top Myths about Iran’s Nuclear Enrichment Program
1. Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment program is alleged by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to be a stealth nuclear weapons program. But there is no evidence at all for this allegation, and...
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International Labor Rights Forum
Deadly Denim: Pakistan Workers Burned Alive Making Jeans for Export
"You have ruthless buyers sitting in the U.S. who don't care what you do, as long as you do it on time… We take a hit every time we're late. That means lost margins. That means we do what we need to...
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Chris Hedges
Challenging the NDAA: We Won—For Now
In January I sued President Barack Obama over Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which authorized the military to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely, strip them of...
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Rebecca Solnit
Occupy Your Victories: OWS' First Anniversary
Occupy is now a year old. A year is an almost ridiculous measure of time for much of what matters: at one year old, Georgia O’Keeffe was not a great painter, and Bessie Smith wasn’t much of a singer...
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George Lakoff, Elisabeth Wehling
Romney's Apology Frame
Mitt Romney responded to the recent Cairo events with an apology frame. America, he said, must never apologize for its values, and he claimed that the Obama administration was apologizing when it...
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Mark Greif
Occupy and the Reasons for Our Discontent
A year ago today, a few hundred people went to Wall Street, gathering in the financial district in Lower Manhattan with the intention of staying there until the US noticed.
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Paul Buchheit
Five Looming Curses of Privatization
With the breakdown of the private financial industry, and with the decision by corporations to stop meeting their tax responsibilities, and with the dramatic surge in tax haven abuse , less tax...
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Cynthia Alvarez
Progressives Must Move Beyond Occupy
Average citizens evaluate political organizations based on how those organizations actually function. They know a political organization is a microcosm of the society it wishes to create. So after...
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