Views for 2012-09-13

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Tangerine Bolen
US Citizens' Due Process Rights Saved from the NDAA's Indefinite Detention
You can't change the world if you don't believe in impossible things. On Wednesday, I was reminded that my obstinate faith in the ability of citizens to stand up against an all-out assault on civil...
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Greg Kaufmann
Welcome to 'Poverty Day': The One Time of Year When America Cares About the Poor
Yesterday, the US Census Bureau released its annual data on income, poverty and health insurance coverage . This kicks off the one week every year when we can absolutely count on a veritable frenzy...
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Mark Hertsgaard
Harvesting a Climate Disaster
Farmers went to Washington yesterday. Members of a coalition representing more than 80 agricultural organizations rallied on Capitol Hill to demand passage of a new farm bill that has been stalled in...
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John Nichols
Romney-Ryan Prep School Fantasies: Wrong About Teachers... and Parents
Politicians who are hellbent on undermining—and ultimately privatizing—public education in America often imagine that parents share their disdain for public-school teachers and the unions that...
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Amy Goodman
Mayor Rahm-Ney’s Attack on the Chicago Teachers Union
Unions are under attack in the United States—not only from people like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, but now, with the teachers strike in Chicago, from the very core of President Barack Obama’s...
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Tom Engelhardt
Monopolizing War? What America Knows How to Do Best
It’s pop-quiz time when it comes to the American way of war: three questions, torn from the latest news, just for you. Here’s the first of them, and good luck! Two weeks ago, 200 U.S. Marines began...
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Ateqah Khaki
House Reauthorizes Warrantless Wiretapping Program
On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a reauthorization of the 2008 FISA Amendments Act , an unconstitutional domestic spying law that gives vast, unchecked surveillance authority to the...
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Mark Weisbrot
Moody's Threat to Downgrade US Debt is Political, Not Fiscal
Moody's threat this week to downgrade the US government's credit rating says a whole lot more about the credit rating agency than it does about the US debt situation. It is really a way of telling...
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Teachers Have No Friends Among the Journalistic Elite
I'm sorry to blast Alex Wagner's show two posts in a row, but this segment on the Chicago teachers strike is so smugly biased and ill-informed my head is exploding:
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Theresa Moran
Chicago Teacher Strike Is "About the Kids"
Chicago teachers aren’t striking because of pay. They are walking picket lines because they’re sick of so-called education reforms that don’t address the real problems in the schools and instead...
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Karen Dolan
Record Poverty Persists While Gap Between Rich and Rest of Us Increases
Sadly, those who "occupied" Wall Street and city squares across the country in 2011, were right: All of the income gains have concentrated at the top, while the rest of us saw a deterioration or...
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Mark LeVine
Blowback of the Ugliest Kind: The Lessons No One Will Learn from Benghazi
"Does Mideast Democracy Complicate Diplomacy?"
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Robert Fisk
The Provocateurs Know Politics and Religion Don't Mix
So another internet clever-clogs sets the Middle East on fire: Prophet cartoons, then Koranic book-burning, now a video of robed "terrorists" and a fake desert.
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David Macaray
Labor Is Under Attack All Over the World
There are plenty of notable labor events occurring at the moment. And by “notable,” of course, we mean hideous and horribly depressing. Clearly, management people all over the world believe the stars...
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