Views for 2012-09-02

Sunday, September 2, 2012
Hussein Abu Hussein
Rachel Corrie: Blaming the Victim
On Tuesday, Judge Oded Gershon of the Haifa District Court dismissed the civil lawsuit I brought on behalf of Rachel Corrie’s family against the State of Israel for the unlawful killing of their...
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Tom Grundy
Why I Attempted to Arrest Tony Blair
In June, I attempted a citizen's arrest of Tony Blair for crimes against peace as he was about to present a speech at Hong Kong University about faith. It seems particularly dubious for the ex-...
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Owen Jones
Getting Rid of George W. Bush Wasn't Enough. The US Remains a Bully
How easy it was to scrutinise US power when George W. Bush was in office. After all, it was difficult to defend an administration packed with such repulsive characters, like Dick Cheney and Donald...
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Fen Montaigne
Arctic Tipping Point: A North Pole Without Ice
As the northern summer draws to a close, two milestones have been reached in the Arctic Ocean — record-low sea ice extent, and an even more dramatic new low in Arctic sea ice volume. This extreme...
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Jim Naureckas
Politicians, Don't Worry About Factcheckers–They Don't Worry About Your Lies
"What if it turns out that when the press calls a lie a lie, nobody cares?"
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Katha Pollitt
Women Who Love Republicans Who Hate Them
I know there is no monolithic voting bloc called “women”—femaleness, like maleness, is cross-cut with race, education, class, income, ethnicity, religion, marital status, even geography. I also know...
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Nelson Lichtenstein
The National, Non-Union, Conventions
Thousands of unionists are on their way to the Democratic National Convention that begins Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C. Of the 609 delegates from California, more than a third are labor people.
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Jim Hightower
A “Jobless Recovery” on Earth and the Future of Workers on Mars
Happy Labor Day! And what better time than this annual celebration of America's working stiffs to draw attention to our national economic recovery?
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