Views for 2012-08-31

Friday, August 31, 2012
Robert Parry
Romney World’s: Freedom from Fact
Perhaps it was inevitable when you combine the Republican “do-anything-to-win” strategies, honed from the days of Richard Nixon, with the Right’s vast media machine, built over the past several...
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Matthew Rothschild
The Third-Party Dilemma
Dr. Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate for President this year. Her candidacy has won the endorsement of several prominent progressives, such as Medea Benjamin of CodePink and author Chris...
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Paul Watson
I Must Serve My Clients, The Whales
Each year for the last eight years, I have successfully led high-profile campaigns out of Australia to intervene against the shadowy operations of the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean...
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Valerie Strauss
Jeb Bush: How Shopping for Milk Is Like Choosing a School
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said pretty much what you’d expect him to say about education reform at the GOP convention — schools are failing and teachers unions are bad — but you might not have...
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Mark Weisbrot
Raising Minimum Wage Can Yank Millions Out of Poverty and Jump-Start Economy
The federal minimum wage is just $7.25 an hour and hasn't been raised in three years. But a raise is much more overdue than that. If we look at the minimum wage 44 years ago, and simply adjust it for...
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Robert Naiman
Cut the Pentagon Budget, Not Social Security and Veterans' Benefits, Save 380,000 Jobs
Some people in Washington want to cut Social Security and veterans' benefits, by cutting the cost-of-living adjustment. But there's a better way to cut government debt than cutting Social Security...
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Glen Ford
US is the Worst Police State in the World – By the Numbers
There’s no getting around the fact that the United States is the Mother of All Police States. China can’t compete in the incarceration business. With four times the U.S. population, it imprisons only...
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JoAnn Wypijewski
For Julian Assange, Justice Foreclosed
Every once in a while, a situation arises that so completely captures the spirit of the time—in this case, the horror moving like an amoeba under the surface of our pleasant days, our absurd...
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Paul Krugman
Romney-Ryan: The Medicare Killers
Paul Ryan’s speech Wednesday night may have accomplished one good thing: It finally may have dispelled the myth that he is a Serious, Honest Conservative. Indeed, Mr. Ryan’s brazen dishonesty left...
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Rev. John Dear
Remembering Sr. Anne Montgomery
One of the legends in the U.S. peace movement, Sister Anne Montgomery, died this week in California. A member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart, she spent over three years in prison for many civil...
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Glenn Greenwald
Election 2012 and the Media: A Vast Rightwing Conspiracy of Stupid
Wednesday night, the GOP's nominee for vice-president, Paul Ryan , delivered a speech loaded with pure, fundamental deceit on its core claims.
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John Nichols
Mitt Romney: His Party Is the Problem
Who knew that Mitt Romney was such a fan of Barack Obama's 2008 campaign?
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John Atcheson
We Are Writing the Epilogue to the World We Knew
The data continue to roll in, and they are telling us we are in the process of bringing an end to the world we evolved in, and creating a new, harsher world. We will be forced to devote more and more...
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