Views for 2012-08-24

Friday, August 24, 2012
Shawn Fremstad
NewtAid at 16: The Failure of TANF and Conservative Social Policy
Sixteen years ago on Wednesday, President Bill Clinton surrendered to House Speaker Newt Gingrich and signed NewtAid, legislation that replaced the Social Security Act's Aid to Families with...
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Teresa Bo
Argentina to Maintain Use of Agrochemicals
Susana Marquez couldn't stop crying when she heard the sentence in the courtroom in Cordoba. She was hoping that the men accused of spraying the town of Ituzaingo with agrochemicals would serve a...
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Jeff Biggers
Arizonification of the Republican Platform
While notorious Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio entertains the Republican Party convention diehards at a Tampa zoo next week, the real Old West show will have already taken place at the platform...
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Bill Quigley, Davida Finger
Katrina Pain Index 2012: 7 Years After
1 Rank of New Orleans in fastest growing US cities between 2010 and 2011. Source: Census Bureau.
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Paul Krugman
Paul Ryan: Galt, Gold and God
So far, most of the discussion of Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican nominee for vice president, has focused on his budget proposals. But Mr. Ryan is a man of many ideas, which would ordinarily be...
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David Sirota
From Greenwashing to Workerwashing
Big Industrial Ag pretends to go organic. PC behemoths mimic Apple products. Barack Obama goes to the right of the Republicans on civil liberties. Mitt Romney suddenly portrays himself as a left-...
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Tom Engelhardt
You Were Right When You Waved That “No Blood for Oil” Sign. Iraq Was About Oil
It was never exactly rocket science. You didn’t have to be Einstein to figure it out. In early 2003, the Bush administration was visibly preparing to invade Iraq, a nation with a nasty ruler who...
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Anim Steel
A Critical Mass for Real Food
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