Views for 2012-08-16

Thursday, August 16, 2012
Mark Morford
Mitt Romney vs. Dead Potted Plant
It is not very easy to care about Mitt Romney.
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Miriam Pemberton
Top 10 Myths of the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts
Members of Congress, led by the team of Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte, are touring military contracting plants, bases and defense-dependent communities this summer raising the alarm about “...
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David Morris
For Good Customer Service Go to Government, Not Corporations
In 2012 we accept as received wisdom that government is unresponsive while a competitive marketplace forces private business to offer quality customer service.
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Vicente Navarro
The Euro Is Not in Trouble. People Are.
One of the phrases frequently written in economic circles in the United States (and to a lesser degree in Europe) is “the Euro is going to collapse.” Those who repeat that phrase over and over again...
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Peter Van Buren
How Not to Reconstruct Iraq, Afghanistan, or America: A Guide to Disaster at Home and Abroad
Some images remain like scars on my memory. One of the last things I saw in Iraq, where I spent a year with the Department of State helping squander some of the $44 billion American taxpayers put up...
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Imara Jones
Wall Street’s Frightening and Predatory Land Grab in Africa
Wall Street is at again. The nation’s financial sector is on a crusade to dominate an irreplaceable African resource that the world increasingly needs: massive tracts of open land available for large...
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Kate Golden, Bill Lueders
Big Money Ryan: VP Pick Funded by Goldman Sachs, Koch, Insurance Industry
Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president, may be the face of the Tea Party favorite caucus in Congress.
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Mark Weisbrot
Julian Assange Asylum: Ecuador is Right to Stand Up to the US
Ecuador has now made its decision: to grant political asylum to Julian Assange . This comes in the wake of an incident that should dispel remaining doubts about the motives behind the UK/Swedish...
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Will Wooten
Don’t Mess with Texas’ Tar Sands Blockade
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Robert C. Koehler
Beyond Money: Life and Death in a Cruel Economy
“Everyone loved him.”
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Amy Goodman
Paul Ryan: A Man With a Plan, From the Fiscal to the Physical
The floundering Romney campaign was thrown a life ring of sorts last week, from aboard the USS Wisconsin, a decommissioned US Navy vessel based in Norfolk, Virginia. There, Mitt Romney introduced the...
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