Views for 2012-08-02

Thursday, August 2, 2012
William E. Connolly
The Real Entitlement Crisis
According to the Republican Party, Wall Street, “Morning Joe”, Fox News and every neoliberal financial analyst we live in an Entitlement Society. And it is carrying us into crisis. All the...
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Jodi Jacobson
Ninth Circuit Court Blocks Arizona's Extreme Abortion Ban
As women across the country celebrate the first day of coverage without co-pays of a wide range of preventive care services, including contraception without a co-pay, health and rights groups are...
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Jamilah King
There Are Olympians Without Countries—And Millions of Regular People, Too
If you watched the opening ceremony for the Olympic games in London, it was hard to miss the self-described “independent Olympians.” There were four of them: Guor Marial, Philipine van Aanholt,...
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Ethan Pollack
'Mathematically Impossible': Romney and Ryan Push Bogus ‘Tax Reform’
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Michael Ratner
Julian Assange Is Right to Fear US Prosecution
As the drama unfolds over Julian Assange's bid for political asylum in Ecuador , a troubling irony has emerged: the besieged founder of WikiLeaks is seeking refug
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Mohammed Omer
In Gaza: When the Lights Go Out, Talk
GAZA CITY - When the lights go out, Gazans look for generators to switch on. And, they find people to talk to.
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Peter Hart
The Threat (Again) of Left-Wing Latin American Democracy
You can count on U.S. corporate media to express alarm about the threat posed by left-wing governments in Latin America. Sometimes it's military hype (think Soviet MiGs in Nicaragua ), but more...
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Subhankar Banerjee
Shell Game in the Arctic
When you go to the mountains, you go to the mountains. When it’s the desert, it’s the desert. When it’s the ocean, though, we generally say that we’re going “to the beach.” Land is our element, not...
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Suzanne Moore
Pussy Riot Remind Us That Revolution Always Begins in Culture
Some people have their eyes on the prize. A prize beyond medals. That prize is freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to protest. I am talking about Pussy Riot, who are drawing the eyes of the world...
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Jacob Hacker, Nathaniel Loewentheil
Renewed Push for Democracy Must Trump Austerity Drive
The political fight over America’s ailing economy is dominated by one word: debt. For most Americans, however, the real problems are jobs and growth—we don’t have enough of either.
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Ronnie Cummins
Open Letter to the Organic Community: The California Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs
After 45 years of hard work and grassroots struggle, the organic community has built up a $30-billion organic food and farming industry and community. This consumer and small farmer-driven movement,...
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Amy Goodman
The Obama Administration Torpedoes the Arms Trade Treaty
Quick: What is more heavily regulated, global trade of bananas or battleships? In late June, activists gathered in New York’s Times Square to make the absurd point, that, unbelievably, “there are...
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