Views for 2012-07-23

Monday, July 23, 2012
Ladd Everitt
The NRA's War at Home
When 24-year-old James Holmes walked into the Century Aurora 16 movie theater last week, he was prepared for war. For starters, he was armored. He wore a ballistic helmet, a gas mask, body armor,...
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Rev. John Dear
Turning Towards Nonviolence and Away from 'Dark Knights'
As we grieve for the dead and injured in last week’s movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, and join with others to demand handgun reform, we are reminded once again of a greater, more...
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Gar Alperovitz
Don't Regulate the Banks, Nationalize Them
The Barclays interest-rate scandal, HSBC’s openness to money laundering by Mexican drug traffickers, the epic blunders at JPMorgan Chase — at this point, four years after Wall Street wrecked the...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Obama Gitmo Myth
Most of the 168 detainees at Guantanamo have been imprisoned by the U.S. Government for close to a decade without charges and with no end in sight to their captivity. Some now die at Guantanamo ,...
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Ray McGovern, Annie Machon
'Downing Street Memo' Redux: Is the Intelligence Fix on Iran Already Underway?
Recent remarks by Sir John Sawers, who heads Britain’s MI6 (the Secret Intelligence Service that is Britain’s CIA counterpart), leave us wondering if Sawers is preparing to “fix” intelligence on Iran...
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Sarah van Gelder
Climate Emergency Action Plan
The extreme heat, storms, and drought sweeping most of the nation are finally convincing a large majority of Americans that climate change is upon us. According to Bloomberg News , 70 percent of...
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Fran Quigley, Meena Jagannath
Echoes of Duvalier in Martelly's Haiti
An unrelenting sun beats down on the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince, and sweat pours off the three dozen men and handful of women who sing, dance, and wave home-made signs as they block the...
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Kathy Kelly
A Simple Desire from Afghanistan: 'We Want Lives without War'
KABUL -- For the Afghan Peace Volunteers, living in a working class area of Kabul’s “Karte Seh” district, daily problem-solving requires a triage process.
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Paul Buchheit
Three Big Lies Perpetuated by the Rich
When it comes to the economy, too many Americans continue to be numbed by the soothing sounds of conservative spin in the media. Here are three of their more inventive claims: 1. Higher taxes on the...
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Chris Hedges
The Careerists
The greatest crimes of human history are made possible by the most colorless human beings. They are the careerists. The bureaucrats. The cynics. They do the little chores that make vast, complicated...
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Noam Chomsky
Destroying the Commons: On Shredding the Magna Carta
Down the road only a few generations, the millennium of Magna Carta, one of the great events in the establishment of civil and human rights, will arrive. Whether it will be celebrated, mourned, or...
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