Views for 2012-07-10

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Time for ‘Banksters’ To Be Prosecuted
“Banksters,” the cover of the Economist magazine charges, depicting a gaggle of bankers dressed as extras off the “Goodfellas” lot.
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Cindy Cohn, Trevor Timm
The NSA's Warrantless Wiretapping Is a Crime, Not a State Secret
This week, cellphone carriers publicly reported that US law enforcement made an astounding 1.3m demands for customer text messages, caller locations, and other information last year.
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Ray McGovern
Arafat's Bout with...Polonium?
We may never know with complete certainty whether the still unexplained health crisis that suddenly did in Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was due to natural or unnatural causes. But the recent...
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Madeleine Kunin
Why Families Can't "Have It All"
Anne-Marie Slaughter, the first woman director of Policy Planning in the State Department, sent Internet sparks flying when her recent Atlantic cover story told women that, yes, she’d tried to have...
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Robert Jensen
Hope is for the Lazy: The Challenge of Our Dead World
The following is an edited version of a sermon delivered July 8, 2012, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Austin, TX: In 2005, I preached on the ecological crisis in a sermon I titled “ Hope is...
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Imara Jones
Honestly, the Jobs Outlook Is Bleak Because the GOP Wants It That Way
Last week the United States celebrated the 236th anniversary of its independence and self-rule with joyous gusto. Days later, after the smoke from the fireworks and grills had cleared, the government...
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Rebecca Solnit
Apologies to Mexico: The Drug Trade and GNP (Gross National Pain)
Dear Mexico,
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Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
The Cowardly Lions of 'Free Speech'
In all the hullabaloo over the Supreme Court’s decision on health care, another of its rulings quickly fell off the public radar. Before deciding the fate of the Affordable Care Act, the Court...
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Matt Taibbi
A Challenge To American Regulators Over LIBOR Scandal
The New York Times and its outstanding financial reporter, Gretchen Morgenson, have published an important article about the LIBOR banking crisis, challenging American regulators to take this mess as...
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William Hartung
Beyond Nuclear Denial
There was a time when nuclear weapons were a significant part of our national conversation. Addressing the issue of potential atomic annihilation was once described by nuclear theorist Herman Kahn as...
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David Michael Green
The Constitution Is Just Parchment, Get Over It
Last week America engaged in one of its perennial paroxysms of constitutional cogitation – this time over the Obama health care bill – with (mostly) predictable results.
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