Views for 2012-07-09

Monday, July 9, 2012
Donna Smith
For Our Health or Your Wealth, That is the Question
Patients find it very difficult to tell in our dysfunctional healthcare system in the U.S. whether we are being cared for as people or being worked over for profit potential. It’s frustrating and...
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Amanda Marcotte
Why Attacks on Contraception Meet Success in Such a Pro-Contraception Culture
Another month in the ramped-up war on women, and another unfortunately successful attack on women’s access to contraception. The story of the North Carolina legislature defunding Planned Parenthood...
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Jason Howard
Appalachia in Civil War Over Coal
ANYONE traveling on Interstate 77 just north of Charleston, W.Va., can’t miss the billboard perched high above the traffic, proclaiming “Obama’s No Jobs Zone,” a reference to increased regulations on...
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Robert Parry
The Silence on Global Warming
Something called a “derecho” – a fast-moving line of thunderstorms – strikes the Washington area knocking out power for days. Massive forest fires ravage Colorado. A record heat wave covers much of...
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Chris Hedges
How to Think
Cultures that endure carve out a protected space for those who question and challenge national myths. Artists, writers, poets, activists, journalists, philosophers, dancers, musicians, actors,...
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Brian Moench
As the West Burns: Speaking Truth to Fire
It is Tuesday afternoon, July 3. An enormous cloud of smoke has emerged behind my house, seeming to swallow the sky from about 20 miles away. My neighbors say that it looks like an atomic bomb has...
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Robert Reich
Libor: The Wall Street Scandal of All Scandals
Just when you thought Wall Street couldn’t sink any lower – when its myriad abuses of public trust have already spread a miasma of cynicism over the entire economic system, giving birth to Tea...
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Daphne Wysham
A Perfect and Hot Storm
I was driving toward my home in the foothills of the Shenandoah mountains when the wind really started to worry me. It was blowing debris horizontally across Interstate 66 with gusts that were flying...
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Betsy Hartmann
Will World Population Day Open the Gates to Coercive Contraception?
On July 11, World Population Day, the British government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are hosting an international Family Planning Summit in London to launch an ambitious $4 billion...
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Paul Buchheit
Three Ways the Rich and Powerful Have Cheated Young Americans
My own generation faced the Vietnam War. We were at risk of getting drafted, and then maimed or killed in an unwinnable battle against imagined evils. Today's young people are being drafted into an...
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Phil Rockstroh
After The Fireworks Have Faded: Intimations of Bosons Among a Cacophony of Bozos
On July 4, the people of the U.S. marked the passing of another year's perfunctory, Independence Day festivities. The date, also, was occasioned by the formal announcement from physicists at CERN (...
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Eric Margolis
Arafat: Murder Most Foul
The ghost of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is rising from his grave to haunt Israel and the Americans. A devastating investigation by Qatar’s al-Jazeera has found mounting evidence that Arafat’s...
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