Views for 2012-07-01

Sunday, July 1, 2012
Devon G. Peña
Fear & Loathing in Texas: State Republican Party Seeks to Ban Critical Thinking in Public Schools
What is it about the political rightwing in the Lone Star State? It seems like they are now competing with Arizona to take the lead as the nation’s most anti-education and anti-intellectual state...
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Gareth Porter
New Israeli Deputy PM Undercuts Strategy of Pressure on Obama
By staking out a policy line on Iran reflecting the views of the Israeli national security leadership, Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz has undercut the Benjamin Netanyahu government’s carefully...
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Brentin Mock
Florida to People of Color: Don’t Vote Here
LaVon Bracy, 63, understands the stakes in Florida’s current voting rights battle all too well. Her father, the Rev. Thomas Wright, is a civil rights luminary and former NAACP president who spent...
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David Macaray
Joe the Plumber: American Icon
Like a bad penny that keeps turning up, we can’t seem to get rid of Samuel Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber). Introduced at a Republican rally in 2008 by candidate John McCain, who saw him as a...
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Mike Elk
On ‘Left Anti-Unionism’ and the Reason We Lost Wisconsin
As a labor reporter, I was dismayed to see Gordon Lafer’s "Left Anti-Unionism?" . In his first post, Lafer attacked pro-union writers for critiquing labor leaders in the wake of the Wisconsin recall...
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Roger Bybee
Dems Paint Romney as “Outsourcer-In-Chief,” But Will Obama’s Trade Deal Blow It?
The Obama administration and Democrats have been busily puncturing Mitt Romney’s record as an experienced “job creator,” with a multi-pronged attack on Romney’s role as a “pioneer” in offshoring jobs...
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David Morris
1st: Protect Obama's Health Care Reform. 2nd: Move Toward a Public Option
It’s relatively easy for Americans to understand that parks, sidewalks, the environment or the Internet are all part of the commons. That’s because no one owns them.
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