Views for 2012-06-28

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Donna Smith
Pallor or Power, Patients or Consumers: Which Model Do We Want?
It’s a big day. And the corporate model for healthcare in America just triumphed over our humanity. The corporate Supreme Court honored all of its masters mightily in upholding the position that...
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Don McCanne, MD
'Medicare for All' Must Remain the Goal
Go ahead and wade through the cacophony of responses to the Supreme Court decision. It should be a fascinating excursion through society’s exposed soul at its finest, and at its worst. Some of the...
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Jon Walker
The Affordable Care Act Survives, Barely, in 5-4 Decision
The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, voted to basically uphold the entire Affordable Care Act. The important thing is that the law is constitutional and for the most part will go into effect as...
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The Nation Editorial
A Supreme Court for the 1 Percent
As we go to press, Americans are waiting to see how the Supreme Court will rule on the Affordable Care Act. But the Court’s right-wing majority has already guaranteed that insurance companies and...
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César Chelala
The Chasm Between Two Presidential Peace Prize Winners
“The lead interrogator at the Division Interrogation Facility (DIF) had given me specific instructions: I was to deprive the detainee of sleep during my 12-hour shift by opening his cell every hour,...
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Sasha Breger Bush
'Monopoly': Calling the Global Financial Sector What It Is
New York Times columnists Protess and Scott report that Barclays Bank is paying some US$450 million to regulators in the US and UK to “resolve accusations” surrounding its manipulation of a key...
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E.J. Dionne
Scalia Should Resign from the Supreme Court
Justice Antonin Scalia needs to resign from the Supreme Court. He’d have a lot of things to do. He’s a fine public speaker and teacher. He’d be a heck of a columnist and blogger. But he really seems...
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Shiney Varghese
US Water Policy Still All Wet
Growing conflicts over who owns water and how to manage it are emerging all over the world. Although debates at the UN and among civil society have moved toward the recognition of water as a basic...
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Amy Goodman
Big Money Wins in the Big Skies of Montana
“I never bought a man who wasn’t for sale,” William A. Clark reportedly said. He was one of Montana’s “Copper Kings,” a man who used his vast wealth to manipulate the state government and literally...
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Jonathan Turley
A Bigger, Better Supreme Court: The Case for Reform
This week, the country awaits the blockbuster ruling of the supreme court on the future of national healthcare in the United States . Citizens have waited anxiously every Monday morning for weeks for...
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