Views for 2012-06-26

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Allison Kilkenny
The Resistance Continues as Citizens Fight Budget Cuts
Much has been written about the future of Occupy: the movement is dead, it is not dead, it evolved into something else, it will experience a resurgence in the fall, etc. But what has received less...
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Marta Sánchez
Losing Strength? An Alternative Vision of Spain’s Indignados Movement
Is the 15-M movement going invisible? Or is it rather gaining strength in the ‘underground’? The mainstream media keep claiming that the indignados have lost support since last year, that its only...
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Wenonah Hauter
Secrecy + Haste = Farm Bill Status Quo
Late last week, the Senate passed its version of the Farm Bill – the sprawling legislation that dictates what and how we eat.
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Jeff Biggers
SB 1070 Backlash Isn’t Over
The Supreme Court ruling to uphold a key provision in Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law may send out a last shred of hope to “attrition through enforcement”
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George Monbiot
What We Know After Rio: Governments Have Given Up on the Planet
It is, perhaps, the greatest failure of collective leadership since the first world war. The Earth's living systems are collapsing, and the leaders of some of the most powerful nations – the United...
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Tom Engelhardt
A Subprime Education in a Subprime World
[ Note: No one invited me to give this graduation speech. It was concocted freely in the campus of my mind and it’s meant for the rest of us in the class of 2012. ]
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Lewis Lapham
Magic and the Machine: Living in an American Age of Techno-Wonder and Unreason
[ A longer version of this essay appears in "Magic Shows," the Summer 2012 issue of Lapham's Quarterly , and is posted at with the kind permission of that magazine. ]
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Ruth Shagoury
Who Stole Helen Keller?
In these times of vast economic disparities and ecological crisis, children need examples of people throughout history who committed their lives to justice -- to bringing more equality and fairness...
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Robert Alvarez
Radioactive Conflicts of Interest
Last month, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) heralded an Energy Department funded study indicating that evacuation zones around nuclear power stations might not be needed after a major...
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Jonathan Cook
The Evil of Our Interventionist Wars
In a traditional cowboy movie, we know what to do: we look for the guy wearing the white hat to be sure who to cheer, and for the one wearing the black hat to know who deserves to die, preferably...
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