Views for 2012-06-18

Monday, June 18, 2012
Dean Baker
Republicans Love Big Government (So Long as It Serves Big Business)
Last week Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent picked up on a blogpost from Democracy editor Michael Tomasky about how liberals should be touting the merits of "government." That is a great idea, if...
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Kaisa Kosonen
Over the weekend, prior to the official start of the Rio+20 Earth Summit , corporations hosted their own sustainability party , hosted by the UN Global Compact.
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Robert Fisk
Mubarak's 300,000-Strong Army of Thugs Remains in Business Despite Elections
As millions of Egyptians turn their backs on the brave young revolutionaries of Tahrir Square, today is the day to remember old General Mohammed Neguib, who kicked off Egypt's first post-war...
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Mike Sandmel
What Good is the Rio+20 Earth Summit?
Bill McKibben, the renowned environmentalist and author, gave the keynote speech at last weekend’s Strategies For A New Economy conference at Bard College. Speaking with a perfect balance of humility...
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Paul Krugman
Greece as Victim
Ever since Greece hit the skids, we’ve heard a lot about what’s wrong with everything Greek. Some of the accusations are true, some are false — but all of them are beside the point. Yes, there are...
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Paul Buchheit
The 5-Step Conservative Plan to Save Public Education
Milton Friedman would have been proud, if he hadn't been so confused. The push for privatized education is just what the good doctor of economics ordered, in the form of vouchers to allow parents to...
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Tom Engelhardt
Bombing Weddings in Afghanistan: It Couldn’t Happen Here, It Does Happen There
"Do you do this in the United States? There is police action every day in the United States... They don't call in airplanes to bomb the place." -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai denouncing U.S.
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George Lakoff, Elisabeth Wehling
Obama vs. Romney: The Framing Matchup, Round One
Framing is (or should be) about moral values, deep truths, and the policies that flow from them. As of their kickoff speeches in Ohio, Romney and Obama have both chosen economics as their major...
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John Atcheson
Dark Ages Redux: American Politics and the End of the Enlightenment
We are witnessing an epochal shift in our socio-political world. We are de-evolving, hurtling headlong into a past that was defined by serfs and lords; by necromancy and superstition; by policies...
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Nick Malkoutzis
Greek Election May Yet Prove a Victory for Syriza
The conservative New Democracy will turn to the center-left party, Pasok to form a coalition in Greece . This will give them 162 MPs in the 300-seat parliament but they are unlikely to leave it at...
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Chris Hedges
Occupy Will Be Back
In every conflict, insurgency, uprising and revolution I have covered as a foreign correspondent, the power elite used periods of dormancy, lulls and setbacks to write off the opposition. This is why...
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Alan Morse
Ghosts of PATCO and the Coming Battle for Teachers
I've been there. Your ears ring so badly the sound of a spoon stirring coffee hurts. You can't sleep past dawn, but you can't prop your lids open through dusk. Your exhaustion runs so deep the next...
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