Views for 2012-06-12

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
John Buell
Too Big To Trust: Banking Reform and Financial Instability
Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase’s high profile CEO has performed a public service. His firm’s well publicized Three billion --and counting-- loss puts to rest, at least for the time being, the notion...
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Elinor Ostrom
Green from the Grassroots
(Note: Elinor Ostrom, the first and only woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics, died today at the age of 78.
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Obama’s ‘Kill List’ Is Unchecked Presidential Power
A stunning report in the New York Times depicted President Obama poring over the equivalent of terrorist baseball cards, deciding who on a “kill list” would be targeted for elimination by drone...
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William K. Black
The JOBS Act and Green Slime
We learned recently about the secret adulteration of our hamburgers with “pink slime.” Agribusiness companies created pink slime from ultra-fatty beef tissue that was more likely to harbor salmonella...
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Andrea Brower
Eating Our Way to a Better World? A Plea to Local, Fair-Trade, and Organic Food Enthusiasts
My belly is full. It seems no matter how hard I try to “eat my way to a better world”, that world never materializes. The organic and fair-trade industries are booming, Farmers Markets are the new...
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Bill Bigelow
Repressive Book-Banning from Johannesburg to Tucson
On Jan. 13, journalist Jeff Biggers contacted me with the news that the book I co-edited with Bob Peterson, Rethinking Columbus , had been banned in the schools of Tucson, Arizona, as part of that...
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Jeff Biggers
Freedom Summer: AZ Attorney General's Chance to Learn About Civil Rights
Facing a $10 million lawsuit and an FBI investigation for campaign violations, and with a federal court decision imminent on the constitutionality of Arizona's thinly veiled ban on Tucson's Mexican...
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Peter Van Buren
The Ultimate No-Fly List: Obama's Secrecy Problem
White is black and down is up. Leaks that favor the president are shoveled out regardless of national security, while national security is twisted to pummel leaks that do not favor him. Watching...
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Diane Ravitch
Mitt Romney's Blueprint for Privatizing American Education
On 23 May, the Romney campaign released its education policy white paper titled A Chance for Every Child: Mitt Romney 's Plan for Restoring the Promise of American Education. If you liked the George...
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George Lakoff, Elisabeth Wehling
The Wisconsin Blues and a Failed Progressive Narrative
In taking over the framing of just about every major issue, conservatives have hidden major truths. Democrats need to speak those truths from their own moral perspective.
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