Views for 2012-06-07

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Glenn Greenwald
Probing Obama’s Secrecy Games
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Darcey Rakestraw
What Does the Mass Slaughter of 500,000 Pigs in Chile Have to Do with the U.S. Farm Bill?
Whether you are a die-hard carnivore or a card-carrying member of an animal welfare organization, this story will affect you. And it ties into work we’re doing to demand a fair farm bill that “busts...
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Sarah Lipton-Lubet
On the Anniversary of Griswold, the Facts about Contraception
On this day in 1965, the Supreme Court first protected the right to contraception. A 7-2 decision, Griswold v. Connecticut was joined by justices appointed by Republicans and Democrats alike. It...
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John Atcheson
Solyndra Redux: Anatomy of a Republican Hit Job
Republicans have launched a full-scale attack on clean energy, and Solyndra always seems to be exhibit A in their assault. Recently, Romney went so far as to fabricate tales of Obama showing...
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Sadhbh Walshe
In "Land of the Free," Why Are Women Giving Birth in Chains?
In 2007, a 17-year-old girl called Cora Fletcher was charged with retail theft. Over a year later, after she missed a court date, she was sent to the Cook County jail, in Illinois. She was eight...
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Jameel Jaffer, Nathan Freed Wessler
'Targeted Propaganda' Campaign Follows 'Targeted Killing' Campaign
A story in last week's New York Times painted a remarkably detailed picture of the US government's so-called "targeted killing" campaign, a campaign that involves the use of unmanned aerial vehicles...
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La Via Campesina
Rio+20 and Beyond: People of the World Confront the Advance of Capitalism
Governments from all over the world will meet in Río de Janeiro, Brasil from June 20-22 2012, to supposedly commemorate 20 years since the “Earth Summit”, the United Nations Conference on the...
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Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
Rio+20: Fiddling While Earth Burns
I am having trouble summoning any enthusiasm over the upcoming Rio+20 UN Conference , which will begin on June 20.
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Bill McKibben
Time For Outrage On Behalf of the Planet
My solution is: get outraged.
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Kathy Kelly
'The Butter Battle Book' from Kabul
“On the last day of summer, ten hours before fall … … my grandfather took me out to the wall.”
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Amy Goodman
It’s One Person, One Vote, Not 1 Percent, One Vote
The failed effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is widely seen as a crisis for the labor movement, and a pivotal moment in the 2012 U.S. presidential-election season. Walker launched a...
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Renee Parsons
US Austerity Is Here, We Just Don't Talk About It Enough
As the austerity budget crisis continues to plague diverse Euro countries, American voters may breathe a sigh of relief that even with an economy that remains sluggish, the harsh level of austerity...
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