Views for 2012-06-04

Monday, June 4, 2012
Pankaj Mishra
From Dreams to Drones: Who is the Real Barack Obama?
Barack Obama, according to Foreign Policy magazine, "has become George W Bush on steroids." Armed with a "kill list," the Nobel peace laureate now hosts "Tuesday terror" meetings at the White House...
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Jayati Ghosh
Socialism Is Not Dead (Indeed, It Has More to Offer Than Ever)
Even as resistance to global capitalism builds, it tends to be accompanied by gloomy perceptions that grand socialist visions of the future are no longer possible. But there is much more dynamism...
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César Chelala
On Unforgivable, Unforgettable Tragedies
Some of my ancestors came from Syria, which may be one more explanation for the unrelenting horror I feel at the tragic events at Houla, where 108 Syrian villagers, including 34 women and 49 children...
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Danny Schechter
Beyond Citizens United: Politics Is an Industry, Not Just a Campaign
In theory, American elections traditionally get going after Labor Day, but, as we can see by the daily overkill media "coverage," polls and constant reporting about who has raised what -- to the...
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Susan Casey-Lefkowitz
Black Out, Speak Out: Canadians Protest War on Nature and Democracy
After the fall of the Berlin wall, I worked with environmental groups in Eastern Europe. They were looking at good examples of democracy and free speech from around the world to help build their own...
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Liz Dwyer
American Students Need to Copy Canada's Tuition Protests
In the past four months, the Canadian province of Quebec has become a hotbed of Occupy Wall Street-style protests—marches with hundreds of thousands of protesters, and battles with tear gas throwing...
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Dean Baker
Simple Arithmetic, Not False Narratives Offer Antidote for US Jobs Crisis
Last week's May jobs numbers were bad news, regardless of how you look at them. Job growth over the last three months has averaged slightly less 100,000 a month, roughly the pace needed to keep pace...
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Gary Younge
There's Class War in Wisconsin, Yet the Democrats Sing Kumbaya
There is a degree of hyperbole one comes to expect from American activists around election time. Given the level of polarisation, this is hardly surprising. Every vote, you're told, is about liberty...
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Paul Krugman
This Republican Economy
What should be done about the economy? Republicans claim to have the answer: slash spending and cut taxes. What they hope voters won’t notice is that that’s precisely the policy we’ve been following...
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Glenn Greenwald
US Again Bombs Mourners
In February, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism documented that after the U.S.
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Mary Bottari
Will Scott Walker Be Given a Pink Slip, an Orange Jump Suit or a Second Chance?
Madison -- Since September of 2010 the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) has been detailing an ongoing "John Doe" criminal investigation being run out of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's...
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Clive Stafford Smith
We Are Sleepwalking into the Drone Age, Unaware of the Consequences
Last October I was at a jirga in Islamabad where 80 people from Waziristan had assembled to talk about the US Predator drones that buzz around overhead, periodically delivering death by Hellfire...
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Bill McKibben
The Planet Wreckers: Deniers of Climate Science Are On the Ropes -- But So Is the Planet
It’s been a tough few weeks for the forces of climate-change denial.
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Chris Hedges
Northern Light: Why Canada's 'Casserole' Movement is All of Ours
I gave a talk last week at Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University to the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences . Many in the audience had pinned small red squares of felt to their clothing.
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