Views for 2012-06-03

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Will Hutton
The Facts Are Clear: This Cruel Austerity Experiment Has Failed
Last week was an awesome warning of where go-it-alone austerity can lead. It produced some brutal evidence of where we end up when we place finance above economy and society. The markets are now...
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Robert Fisk
Mubarak Will Die in Jail, but That's No Thanks to Us
The dictator was sentenced to death yesterday. Twenty-five years is death, isn't it, if you're 84 years old? Hosni Mubarak will die in jail. And Habib al-Adli, his interior minister, 74 years old,...
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Will Potter
Freedom of Information Request Reveals FBI 'Domestic Terrorism' Training Material on Activists
Newly released FBI presentations show the flawed and misleading information the government is using to train agents to identify and investigate “domestic terrorist” groups such as “black separatists...
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Laura Flanders
Do We Need a Poor People's Coming-Out Movement?
Governor Andrew Cuomo says raising the minimum wage in New York is harder than passing marriage equality. Is that true? Is it spin? If we were to say it’s true—is it all about money, or could it be...
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John Nichols
Progressive Faith Renewed by Recall Vote
Last Saturday, when my mom and I drove into the valley where our ancestors settled more than a century and a half ago, we were greeted by a huge “Barrett -- June 5” sign.
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Peter Hart
MSNBC: No Time for Obama's Kill List?
The New York Times ' lengthy report ( 5/29/12 ) on Barack Obama's drone "kill list" should provoke serious questions: Is such a program legal? How does it square with Obama's criticism of the Bush...
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Jim Hightower
SuperPAC Silliness
SuperPACs, the new money beasts of American politics, have already funneled more than $100 million into this year's presidential election. The über-wealthy are allowed to dump unlimited sums of cash...
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Terry Davis
Iraq Veterans Against the War and Nurses Unite for Veterans' Right to Heal
Move the Money Chicago (MTM) is a campaign that brings together organizations working to end the wars, tax the rich, and move the money to the funding of human needs. This has involved groups that...
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Brian Tierney
Unionizing the New Jim Crow?
Dozens of people gathered outside of a supermax prison in Illinois in April demanding that the facility be shut down. They held signs that read “I am a mom,” a spin on the iconic “I am a man” signs...
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